Intercession Next: Global Warring

  • What does intercession look like when it rises to the international level?
  • How can intercession avoid this level in terms of agreement?
  • How do we maintain our assignments within the kingdom mandate in every prayer we pray?
  • What happens when everything we pray touches everything hell is doing at a global level?

America is a Fathering Nation

When you live in and are assigned to a fathering nation, escape from international-level warfare is impossible. This level of warfare does not come because God gives you fresh orders to attack rulers, authorities, and cosmic dominators. The level of warfare you face comes from the intended purpose of God you pray into existence.

We can measure America’s success in our global influence to preach, produce, and perpetuate kingdom culture.

  • You have no assignment to fight the authorities of hell. You have a specific assignment to produce God’s purposes.
  • You will run into the authorities of hell at the level you are producing those purposes.
  • You will never back down, give in, negotiate, or compromise with the authorities of hell.
  • You usurp the usurpers!

No, you need not invest time discovering God’s enemies. They will be engaging you in hand-to-hand combat the moment you press for what God wants.

Since you live in a fathering nation, anything you do to produce God’s purposes results in a more significant influence of kingdom purpose in the nations.

This inescapable reality should turn you toward fathering leaders. After all, you live in a fathering nation. You pray for a fathering influence to expand internationally. You face opposition to that fathering assignment anytime you pray. You cannot obey God within a fathering nation at all without encountering specific, ancient, well-considered hellish attacks to distract, deaden, and destroy your spiritual obedience.

So, fathering leadership in kingdom culture is the most powerful environment for overcoming authority and power in a fathering nation!

In that spiritual relationship, you stand on the strongest foundation, enjoy the strongest security, agree with the Father’s strongest representation, and receive the strongest validation of Holy Spirit.

Father of Nations Remnant Intercession

God says, “We must do something now about Sodom and Gomorrah. That sound of lawlessness has entered Heaven.

Yahweh appears to Abram at Mamre in Hebron. The phrase says, “a porch or position overlooking a plain, strategic land where alliance and agreement help to produce security.”

In the heat of the day, Abraham sits at the door of his tent. He observes the approach of three men. Abraham saw them standing there. Abraham stood up, bowed to the ground, then ran to greet them.

“If Your servant has favor in Your sight, My Lord, do not pass on. Allow me to bring water so you can wash your feet and rest by leaning against the tree while I get a snack. This rest and nourishment will strengthen you. You may go on afterward.”

They answered, “OK, do what you just said.”

Genesis 18:1-5

Yahweh then tells Abraham and Sarah about the birth of Isaac.

Authorized Revelation

Some massive revelations come to Abraham.

  • Abraham completes his dealings with Ishmael.
  • Abraham hears Yahweh’s promise and mystery about Isaac.
  • Abraham shares a spiritual experience with Yahweh.


  • Yahweh reveals himself to Abraham, so he knows something of Yahweh available in the same way Yahweh knows a father of nations.
  • Yahweh reveals how He deals with nations to a father of nations.
  • Yahweh authorizes Abraham to intercede for Sodom.

Sodom Intercession

Then, we understand more of the meaning of Mamre and the word “oaks.” There is a significant tree there, but the entire position includes a vantage point to see the plain below where Sodom lies.

Sodom sits in a well-watered plain at this point in history, as we learn when Lot chooses that land to settle the ongoing fuss between his Oikos and Abraham’s.

As they enjoy that view together, Yahweh considers what He will do with Sodom and says:

Shall I cover to conceal from Abraham what I’m doing? It will come to pass that Abraham will become a great and mighty nation through which all of Earth’s nations shall be blessed.

“For I have known him so that he will command his Oikos and children after him to keep the way of Yahweh by doing what is right and just.

“In that way, Yahweh may bring to Abraham all that He has spoken to him.”

Genesis 18:17-18

Father of Nations

In other words, “He is a father of nations. His culture will bless all nations. He does what is right and just. He will produce a culture that keeps the way of Yahweh.

“So, I will reveal to him what I’m doing in Sodom because I am doing what is right and just, and Abraham will be doing things My way.”

  • Abraham has a revelation promise.
  • Abraham sees a mystery within the promise.
  • Abraham must become someone and do some things, so Yahweh beings to Abraham all that Yahweh has spoken.
  • Abraham shares a spiritual experience with Yahweh, so Abraham knows Yahweh the way Yahweh knows Abraham.

Yahweh stands Abraham, a father of nations, in a position of intercession:

“The shriek of distress from Sodom and Gomorrah is very abounding or has accumulated (risen in volume to a shriek) because the sin is very heavy [kabod, in the sense of character].

“So, I’ll go down there to see whether or not they have done against Me (sinned) what this rising crescendo of shrieking indicates. Then, I will know.”

Genesis 18:20-21

(Note that Yahweh judges by behavior, not discernment.)

Abraham has escorted them to this lookout spot, perhaps in honor, to show them the way down from the mountain. When Abraham hears these words, he knows Divine intention, and the revelation brings him into intercession.

The revelation of Divine intention authorizes intercession. Without that revelation, we may attempt to work at odds with God instead of partnering to produce His will.

The exchange between Abraham and Yahweh exposes Abraham to a shared spiritual experience. Abraham experiences what God experiences, joins in the heart of God’s merciful treatment of cultures, and does what God does as God’s representative.

Abraham shouts “Mercy” louder than the crescendoed shriek of sin against Yahweh. That sin that demands fair and just punishment of death and destruction. Mercy is time as an opportunity to change.

The entire issue becomes a consideration of a redemptive Remnant. If I can find a redemptive Remnant, the Judge of all the Earth will extend the mercy season even though this does nothing to silence the shriek of sin.

Fathering Representation at the International Intercession Level

Fathering leaders identify the Remnant.

  • The Remnant is their assigned priority of leadership.
  • The Remnant answers to a fathering relationship.
  • The Remnant submits to the process of personal and cultural preparation.
  • The Remnant becomes the focus of Divine promise.
  • The Remnant reveals behavior that God observes for the increased volume of Mercy as His judgment of sin accumulates to a crescendo of shrieking.

Abraham suddenly enters into a full revelation of Yahweh, exclaiming,

“Shall not the Judge of All the Earth do right?”

Genesis 18:25

Do you recognize the “all the Earth” experience? Do you see that level of intercession for one nation-state comes from the international level? Do you see how Abraham’s highest and ultimate success as a father of nations, by whom all nations will be blessed, authorizes him in Yahweh’s eyes, to intercede for nations?

Intercession Next brings us into Global Warring.

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