God Has Provided Us The Leaders We Need To Be Ready

I ask you the question, “Are you ready for what’s coming next?” You should answer, “I am as ready as my submission to the process of my preparation.”

If you say, “I am not ready, but it is the fault of the leaders,” you might wish to step back a moment and reconsider how little you know about what God is doing. In other words, before you assume that God has not given us the leaders we need, you should discern how well we are utilizing the leaders available.

Perhaps, you should consider the idea that the right leaders are available, but kingdom culture is not. Maybe, you should consider the possibility that God has not left us without needed leadership, and the failure to submit to His provided process limits us more than imperfect leadership.

Pride Demands Perfect Leaders

All leaders God sends are imperfect. Perfect leadership is not a requirement for readiness. Ideal training is not a requirement for reaching fullness and fulfillment in destiny and intended purpose. God built imperfect leadership into His design. It is the submission to His plan that activates what brings the imperfect into fullness.

Mark this truth well: we are in great pride when we demand to be discipled directly by God instead of submitting to His plan that we are discipled by His representatives. Nothing more clearly says you are a rebel against God than the sentiment “if God wants me to learn, He can teach me Himself, for I have no intention of following any human leader.”

God gives grace to the humble, not to those who demand to be fathered by a big name.

Most of the people complaining about poor leadership have more leadership than they are willing to follow standing right in front of their faces! The limitation is not on God’s design but their capacity for trust and submission.

Moderns have blended a perspective and perception of leadership into church-anity that is as pagan as a sacrificed goat or a horoscope revelation. The idea that we can study the best practices of this present age, apply these principles to the kingdom of God, ignore the Bible revelation of how things really work in the spirit,” leaves us without kingdom culture.

Good people who ignore the Bible fail as parents. Good people who ignore the Bible fail to learn from fathering leaders. Good people who insist upon controlling their destinies fall short of producing their assigned and intended purposes.

Beware any tendency to murmur against God for providing you Moses and Aaron with a perception that you deserved better leaders to become the ultimate of your created destiny. God hates that attitude!

Leaders We Can Follow

We are choosing the wrong leaders to do the wrong things. Leaders prepared and positioned in the kingdom culture operate in an apostolic order designed and defined by the King. Church-growthism and church-anity provide its humanly-devised order, and the best leaders God provides cannot overcome the blending of human and Divine architecture.

We have great leaders. We stare at them. We yell at them. We reject many of them. We put our trust in Ken and Barbie looking for the same plumbline of success as the heathen. We reject the leaders who do not look, say, act and lead as we demand. We rebel against God’s order when we reject God’s representatives.

Jesus describes this pattern when He addresses why His generation is unprepared for the time of their accounting oversight visit. Having rejected John the Baptist, they would reject Jesus. Having rejected the prophets, clinging to traditions that negate God’s cultural order, they would reject the ministry and message of Jesus.

God is faithful. He has provided us the fathering leaders we need. To be ready, we need to get the kingdom citizens back into kingdom culture, bear down hard on the rebellion, reset the entire church-growth error, embrace the Bible more than humanly-devised systems and perception, and get on with the goals of God.

We are in a time of visitation now. The most magnificent kingdom reset since Jesus is coming in the 2020s. The question is not if we have the right leaders. The issue we face is the same one the Bible addresses – submission to God’s leaders.

To rectify the present distrust, we need to see fathering leaders cleaning house!

False apostles should be marked. False prophets should be labeled! False teachers should be marked! If the fathers do not clean up the fathering error, the children will be confused.

I get that, but the real issue is not about fathering failures since we do not need perfect fathers or fathering as much as we need deeper trust and submission to the design of the King. That heart condition appropriates Divine grace. Resistance against God’s plan brings God’s resistance to those who resist His ways.

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