Heavenly Logistics: God’s Delivery Systems

In our discussion of David, we learned that God will give you a weapon equal to your passion. We discussed how God gave the Philistines a giant so they would forge a giant’s sword and the giant could serve as God’s delivery system to get David a weapon as big as his passion.

God’s delivery systems uniquely fit the strategy He has for His purposes. Consider how God put A Way in a Manger. Consider the wise men who set out to deliver the needed wealth for the young family to live in Egypt exile. Consider the heavenly announcements that delivered witnesses to the birth since the entire school of Jewish experts missed the manger.

God’s delivery systems fit God’s strategies, and in this way He remains in charge of the process of provision. His delivery systems respond to heavenly logistics of time, place, travel, packaging, tracking, and security.

Ask yourself: Do I want to be in charge of the logistics or do I want to trust heaven’s logistics?

Heaven doesn’t provide a website to order up what you think you want or need and choose delivery options. God isn’t an Amazon.com Almighty. In fact, our tendency to put God into that box as kingdom consumers produces tremendous dysfunction in our kingdom priority and passion. “Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, and all will added to you,”

Consider Jesus’ approach to heavenly logistics: “Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” So, you don’t order up what you need or want, select the “appropriate” box for delivery, and sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring. That is getting things backwards of the logistics of heaven. Right? You seek and He adds. You ask for what He already knows you need. In fact, you don’t even know what to pray for properly, so Holy Spirit assists in giving birth to appropriate provision and logistics.

“But I want to be more involved in the decision-making process!” you exclaim. Perhaps you pout, stomp your foot, or simply start your personal style of manipulation or intimidation – with God? What a joke that is!

“It worked on my parents, didn’t it?” You say. “It has worked on my friends, family, and co-workers, hasn’t it?” You add.

That is debatable, of course, but this isn’t debatable: It never works on God!

Seek His righteousness as well as His rule. Perhaps this is the part that is as much ignored as the first is misunderstood. We minimize one of the most important fundamentals of kingdom living passing over this aspect of heavenly logistics. We miss an important “How Things Work In the Spirit” and continue in spiritual dysfunction without a deeper knowledge of “seek His righteousness as primary and priority.”

God Tells You Where to Be to Receive the Delivery

Ain’t no angel choir in Nazareth on the night of Jesus’ birth because He ain’t in Nazareth. God didn’t mess up the reservations and leave them in a stable either. We can see that God is working in ways Joseph and Mary are not, that what they would have chosen would not fit the heavenly logistics, not because they were evil or rebellious but they were not in charge of logistics. God has His own delivery systems.

Could it be possible that God sends you provision and you aren’t there for the delivery because you haven’t made His rule the priority or His righteousness the primary? By failing to obey, have you left some angels with no choice but to put the stuff back on the truck instead of making it available to your life?

“His righteousness” is “the right way to do things and behave.” Have you insisted that God change and do things your way or behave in a way consistent with your whims? Not likely to move heaven much! Heaven doesn’t begin with you when it designs logistics. It begins with God.

Our ministry leaders in Brasil are making an international statement with their name: GodFIrst. It is becoming a watchword and gaining tremendous momentum as a standard for a new generation. This is God’s logistics in a nutshell: GodFIrst. His way. His will. Primary and priority. I change to fit God’s way. I obey to be where God is delivering. I move in concert with heaven so I am walking in synch with God’s logistics.

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