I Believe Revival is Here!

Revival is Here!

Revival discussions that center upon defining revival, “true revival,” Biblical revival, or whatever label the analysis provides, usually miss the point because the objective is to define “revival.” Revival is like Glory: you cannot define it, only experience it.

Usually, those seeking to define revival are seeking to position themselves as people with the right or assignment to determine whether what’s happening is “of God” or not. I am especially perplexed by people measuring revival and defining revival reports as “true or valid” when they have not experienced the move of God they are analyzing and have no person knowledge of the people healed, restored, saved, or delivered.

More to the general point, I choose to believe God is moving more than I am attempting to find fifty reasons why He isn’t. I choose to believe people are being healed instead of creating doubts about it by analyzing reports of healings without personal knowledge of the people or events surrounding their healings. I choose to believe that God is moving instead of repeating every objection to revival. I choose to believe prophetic words about revival and judge the good in them that is obviously being fulfilled instead of despising prophesying. I choose to believe God isn’t finished with America.

I choose to believe God is moving with such power and presence that people are overwhelmed by Him, overcome by His power, and overtaken with His Glory! I choose to believe revival is here and press myself and my ministry into this season. I choose to see revival as God’s priority, the reset of God’s priorities for His people. I choose to believe God wants everybody to experience revival but begins with a remnant. (Everyone doesn’t have to experience revival at the same time, in the same way, for revival to be real; the idea that revival isn’t real “because I’m not feeling it” is just not a valid complaint!) I choose to believe God begins revival with revival leaders and these leaders have a prophetic position and perspective to lead all of us toward personal and corporate experiences of revival.

Leaders Who Know

Revival leaders can recognize valid moves of God. This is a function of kingdom leaders. Leaders can validate and confirm that God is at work. They have open eyes about the reality that the revival is messy and imperfect because of the imperfection and misconceptions of hungry, passionate people. They have the leadership authority to limit distractions and refocus the emphasis upon Jesus and His agenda.

I choose to listen to leaders who know. I choose to believe they have good intentions and motivations. I choose to believe God still has a remnant even when some of His best people think they are the only ones. [Elijah did when he felt isolated and was discouraged] I choose to enjoy the hope, the possibility, and the promise that one location of revival is released to release more locations of revival!

I choose to ignore people with empty complaints, unfounded fears, and outlandish comparisons. I choose to believe that Jesus heals people today without demanding He do it the way that pleases or convinces me.  I choose to believe that people are being healed of every kind of disease, affliction, limitation, and chronic condition. I choose to believe that revival is here, and that revival looks like whatever the Father wants it look like in the season He chooses.

Bible Understanding

Revival is Biblical. The Bible reveals how God deals with people, nations, generations, and churches. The Bible reveals how God operates in the seasons of the Father. Revival is always consistent with God’s goals and God’s priorities.

One common complaint about revival testimonies centers upon proof texting the experiences of those giving testimony against accounts of spiritual experience, healing, deliverance, and restoration recorded in Scripture. For example, one person asked the question, “Can someone tell where it says in the Bible that someone laid hands on someone’s head and yelled, ‘Fire!’” The underlying supposition is that someone doing this today would not be “Biblical” if such an instance cannot be discovered in Scripture. In other words, revival experiences and testimonies should be imitations of actions recorded in the Bible in order to ensure they are valid.

Another complaint measures people’s healing and deliverance experiences by the highest criteria of Jesus’ ministry. The complaint is something like this: “When Jesus healed someone…” Or, “when Jesus spoke to a demon…” With this complaint comes the testimony of Peter, Paul, Steven, and Philip. Then, the complaint claims that when God heals someone they are always “instantly and completely…” The demon always leaves immediately. The cripple runs and jumps. The blind man has 20-20 vision. The effort here is to diminish by comparing all present-day experiences to the highest criteria of Jesus’ ministry and that of the Bible. The complaint says, “Anything else isn’t true revival.”

I choose to believe God is working through people who are learning the greatness of God and moving toward greater authority and power. I choose to believe people praying for the sick will see many miracles and should continue to pray for the sick even when everyone is not healed. The people who are not healed do not diminish the testimonies of those who are.

I choose to believe God heals allergies that no one ever testifies about as easily those who testify publically of terminal cancer being healed. I choose to believe signs and wonders are happening, consistently and often. I choose to believe God is involved in the lives of His people, and that when revival is occurring the increase of His involvement releases greater instances of healing, miracles, signs, and wonders.

God recorded many stories and testimonies in Scripture, but not all the stories and testimonies. He left no mandate to doubt any and every experience of His power and authority that wasn’t exactly like the ones He recorded.

Revival Reports

The Bible records the reports of spiritual conditions in the called together assemblies. These reports were written by leaders who had genuine awareness of what was happening in the Body. Such reports were important to other called together assemblies, fellow Christians, and other leaders. These reports were encouraging. They were also indications of how God was moving in the seasons of the Father among the Body of Christ.

We should expect to hear reports of revival and revival experiences from all over the world! These reports should be written by leaders with genuine awareness of what is happening in the Body. Such reports reveal God’s priorities for His people, how He is working, and how we should respond. These reports are encouraging. They help us align ourselves with His priorities and emphases so we can live and minister consistently.

I choose to believe that revival is happening all over the world. I choose to believe that God has provided this generation leaders who can report what He is doing in  believable, accurate, and valid communications. I choose to believe mighty men and women of God are alive today whose testimonies and reports bring great Glory to God, encouragement to His people, and move our spirits to respond to Him with appropriate passion!

I choose to believe that greater faith for miracles is building in all kinds of people, so they can receive and release healing, receive and release miracles, and experience revival and Glory in this generation. I choose to believe in revival, and that revival leaders have been positioned to lead revival with integrity and humility.

I’m a believer!

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