Kingdom Inheritance

God had a purpose when Jesus created everything that is not God. The purpose was the rule of God on earth through man. It wasn’t beautiful trees, azure mountains, deep blue seas, and the wonders of nature. God has wonders like that surrounding Him because He is infinitely beautiful and complete within Himself. God made everything as an inheritance for the man He created to have dominion over it so the rule of God would be established on earth through man.

When God made Adam, He made someone who could have dominion. It is dominion that requires man to have a free will else the dominion of God on earth would be through God, not man. So Adam was exactly and perfectly the person and personality that God knew was required to do what God had called Him to do.

God intended, from the beginning, that dominion would be available to all men through inheritance. Adam and Eve were to be fruitful and multiply, so they would be having children and the children would be inheriting the purpose. Their children would have inheritance rights and authority over all that Jesus created, and Jesus would be certain to create them exactly as they should be to do what He had called them to do.

Man failed. Man fell. Man floundered. Man was fooled. Man is not born in the flesh exactly as he needs to be to do what he is called to do. The kingdom or dominion is no longer available to man as he is born naturally. He cannot inherit God’s purpose without radical redemption and personal transformation. The covenant is available to him through the kingdom, but he must be born of spirit in order to get into an inheritance process.

When Adam and Eve had children, if we take the fall out of history. They would have babies and prepare them to be inheritors of God’s Creation and leaders of the dominion of God on earth. Adam and Eve created fully-formed and complete, but their children would required inheritance preparation. They would be in a servant role until they were old enough to exercise their inheritance. They would have been born into Adam and Eve’s dominion or kingdom establishing and grown up to expand that dominion.

As you know, God had a plan to make certain His purpose would be fulfilled. The dominion of God on earth through man. When man failed, God became Man, took back the right of dominion, made David’s kingdom eternal, and conquered death so that the kingdom could be eternally secured: God’s dominion on earth through man.

Now here’s where we have short-circuited redemptive process. We have forgotten that Jesus is brining many sons into Glory with Him, and we have left the concept of inheritance for a future time. In this way, we have so redefined discipling and fathering that we have nearly lost any of the meaning and mettle that discipling brings to the ecclesia. We have substituted the accumulation of believers for the preparation of inheritors. We have helped God accumulated dependents but failed to prepare the kingdom inheritors.

If hell cannot keep your from the purpose, hell will work to limit the fulfillment of the purpose and offer you substitutes for the genuine that redefine the true with the psuedo or false. Not having any other gods before Him means not having the plans, strategies, character, and purposes of other gods before Him either! But we are willing to worship God while failing to fulfill His purposes, falling short of getting God what He wants. Our form of witchcraft is to ask for spiritual power to fulfill some purpose other than God’s and expect God to be pleased with our efforts as a child would expect acceptance and approval from their father for the shenanigans of a four-year-old.

Inheritance is God’s way of getting dominion.

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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