Nations Wait to Hear the Sound of Brasil

Jesus waited for a sound to be blended in Brasil, a sound He wanted to hear in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He sent remnants to this land and waited for the blending of cultures and peoples, to create a sound in Brasil He could release back into Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is a sound of restoration.

He says,”They came from Europe with greed but I’ll send the sound back in giving. They came from Africa in slavery but I’ll send the sound back in freedom. They came from Asia running away but I’ll send the sound back to set in place.”

Yesterday as I was praying I had an open vision of a young worship leader. She was an Ipod with many ports around the sides.

I saw people from nations with earbuds holding the plug to the earbuds in their hands looking for a place to plug into, searching for a sound.

Then they plugged into this worship leader Ipod! Their faces changed as the sound of Brasil was heard! They were searching for the sound, hungry for the sound, waiting for the sound!

God is putting a sound into Brasil so He can release a sound through Brasil that will be heard in every nation on earth.

I saw Jesus standing up to claim this land in 2003. He has waited four centuries for this sound. He’s not waiting anymore.

The move of God in Brasil is for the nations, and the next level cannot be realized without Brasil’s leaders rising to an international level. Continuing to look inward will result in spiritual indigestion and the rich spirit food God is serving at the training table will produce obesity and sloth.

Brasil has been a receiver. Now she must become a releaser.

The mold must be broken, the false, limiting self-image created by the natural environment must broken by the spiritual environment. The transformation renews the mind so Brasil can realize what God really wants. The spiritual circumstances that invade earth when worship and intercession become so intertwined that we cannot tell the difference between them-they produce a breaker anointing to reshape the soul of this spiritual generation.

When we break the mold we become the model. When we become the model we receive the message. When we release the message we become a movement.

You don’t know who you are until God tells you who you are. You don’t know what’s in you until God tells what in you.

Brasil cannot function with internal focus to reach the next level; they must take their place as a leader among nations. They must mature. The fathering spirit is being released. The role of the Church in Brasil has changed.

Like a worship leader, the next level can only come through releasing. Open mouth. Open belly. Open heavens. This releasing must be done in the nations for the next level in Brasil to be experienced. Holding onto the best and brightest will walk this move of God into a dead end, an accumulation of great leaders who pile up upon one another and are left to push for position.

As Brasil embraces her new role, she will be forced to mature a generation of fathers, set a new standard, shape a new model, receive an international message as Jeremiah did. The international winds will cause Brasilian Fire to burn hotter, brighter, and bigger within Brasil as she reaches outside Brasil. To keep the fire for the accumulation of believers and leaders, to develop excellence within without releasing international level leadership without will eventually quench the fire.

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