Not Many Fathers

…but you can have more than one. The kingdom is full of fathers, so you will be rubbing shoulders with fathers all the time. You can receive from many fathers even as you will also have assigned fathers.


Fathers of the faith touch our lives even after they are gone! Their mantles remain – well, some of the mantles remain, at least – and observing what they did and said on a fathering level remains available to us. This is valuable, and honoring fathers releases anointing. A proper honor for forefathers is Biblical as we are commanded to remember, listen, and heed. [Forefathers doesn’t have anything to do with the number four.]

While we certainly understand the concept of generational recompense to the third and fourth generation, we seem more concerned with debating or dealing with recompense to the third and fourth generation than we are with the promise of blessing and favor to a thousand generations! We should give appropriate attention to both as dealing with recompense is a means of releasing blessing!

Each of us has rights to generational inheritance, and we should be aware of and focused upon spiritual inheritance more than any other. Everything God does requires more than one generation to finish! Each of us has a spiritual inheritance, unfinished kingdom business, purpose, and assignment for which God makes available an inheritance of anointing, authority, and alignment.

God is eternal aware of assignments and the trans-generational nature of His purposes. His patience and passion for purpose never languishes, and His involvement in our creation, calling, and charismatic gifting takes these aspects of kingdom into full consideration. We each receive much more from our forefathers than a body type, contour of nose, or eye color!

“Honor your father and mother.” The Hebrew has no word for “grandfather,” and the wording for “forefathers” reveal something of this fathering inheritance. The Hebrew word, “ab,” is about as basic as Hebrew gets. The term is translated “forefather” when the context makes this apparent: “David slept with his forefathers.” Still, the word isn’t “grandfather,” a concept that comes from “great father” or the sense of the word that includes “origination.”

“Origination” is a fathering term and concept. Forefathers are seen as originators who reset a purpose of spiritual and natural inheritance in their offspring in order to carry that purpose toward greater fullness and fulfillment in their generation as preparation of inheritors will carry it further into fullness and fulfillment in the next generation.

We do not have many fathers, but we have more than one in this sense. In the kingdom, we can see a line of spiritual inheritance beyond natural definitions, fathers who God gave origination assignments that reintroduced kingdom purposes into the earth in strategic places through chosen people.

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