Praying in Agreement with God

Agreement in prayer exponentially increases authority in prayer. The ekklesia displaces the strategically positioned authorities of hell. Plural authorized saints confronting plural authorized demons.

Jesus builds an assembles spiritual lineage and Oikos as His designated representative of Heaven. He gives kingdom keys to leaders who have the authority to call that kingdom legislature into session.

The kingdom keys operate when the authorized ekklesia is complete, operation, and representative–building, body, and bride reflect these three metaphoric states.

Praying in Agreement with God

The first foundation of this authorization is agreement with God: whatsoever has been authorized in Heaven you authorize or deauthorized on Earth. Dealing with authorities of hell by the greater authority of Heaven has specific “how things work in the spirit” principles, processes, and protocols.

God knows what He wants. God tells us what He wants. God finds a people who He can authorize to get Him what He wants.

God’s people are always a Remnant, but the ekklesia is a kingdom assembly of prepared and positioned saints. They must first build as complete building by a blueprint. Once that is finished, they have operational integrity by preparation and position. Once they are fully operational, they represent the image of God as King on Earth.

To the extent they are a finished building, have operational integrity, they can represent King and Kingdom as a kingdom ekklesia.

In this way, all the SpiritFirst capacities and processes of knowing what God wants and how God wants to et what He wants are available to a mature legislative, judicial, and administrative ekklesia.

Other leaders in the Kingdom represent the King, but the assembled ekklesia represents Heaven on Earth. There are judges, legislators, and oversight leaders in the Kingdom, but the highest authority and representation lies in the prepared, positioned, and adequately assembled kingdom ekklesia.

Here, we have the highest convincing trust in our grasp of what the King wants. This agreement with God leads us to an agreement with one another.

Praying in Agreement within the Kingdom

The Kingdom provides a place for oneness. Agreement with the King is an agreement with His right behaviors or cultural principles, processes, and protocols.

We have lost Kingdom culture, and we do not know we have lost it.

So, we suffer from disunity with the King and His right behaviors as a fundamental flaw in kingdom agreement. To gain some momentum toward oneness, we must reject alliances with ourselves and others based upon other principles, processes, and protocols essential to kingdom culture.

At any rate, a remnant within the Remnant usually carries representative authority and assembly authorization by listening to the messaging of authentic apostles and prophets.

All believers are born into the Kingdom. No one is born into churchism.

Churchism isn’t even a spiritual entity like ekklesia. Churchism isn’t poorly-defined ekklesia. It is not ekklesia at all.

Agreement with one another is the only possible agreement with God. We must hear what God is saying, agree with God, and stand as one to represent Him, His voice, and what He wants.

While He is speaking freely, only those with how things really work in the spirit and unfiltered revelatory process operation at mature levels or in alignment with leaders who do have His strategy. Many agree on what needs doing but disagree upon how to get it done. Such disagreement stifles the authority of any group of believers to represent Heaven.

Praying in Agreement with Previous Prayers

Prayers already prayed are stored in Heaven and joined in the accumulation with other prayers prayed after them. This accumulation of prayers reflects prayers prayed that agree with God.

Dutch Sheets explains this with the terms “Synergy of the Ages.” The prayers of saints who prayed in the previous generations await and join with our prayers. This is metaphorically revealed in The Revelation as “bowls of intercession” that fill up and pour out in Divine decisions: in other words, praying what God wants reaches a point at which what God wants happens.

We cannot pray something contrary to those prayers and expect God to mix prayers with those already prayed that are contradictory. We cannot pray something other than what God wants and expect God to do what we want no matter how sincerely we ask or emphatically we demand.

Many people seem interested in telling God what to do when God already knows what He wants and asks us to partner with Him in producing what He wants. Many read The Revelation, for example, and the predictions of the destruction of Israel carried in 70 AD as “God cannot wait to destroy.”

Oddly enough, the very people who America is not found in the prophecies are convinced God can’t wait to wipe America off the face of the Earth. They are not praying in agreement with God, the Remnant, or the prayers of previous generations. When they dream or vision destruction against the wicked, they see America completely gone, not purified, and reset.

Praying in Corporate Agreement

God invests some effort into purifying His Remnant. God sent 30,000 warriors home so Gideon could attack with 300 remnant warriors. Jesus experienced the sifting of the Twelve, so the reset of His Kingdom would begin without Judas. God’s decisions begin with the house of God.

We cannot pray in agreement with God with disagreement with God in our hearts. We must surrender our opinions, strategies, and expectations so that we do not bring them to the altar of incense. If the fire of passion in our prayers is our own passion, we offer strange fire in our incense, we kill our prayers and endanger ourselves.

In corporate prayer, we pray the same thing as one. Acts 4 reveals the kingdom Ecclesia praying as one and praying what God wants in representative authority. The setting may be similar to this moment of history–great opposition, to the point of threatenings against the kingdom leaders and citizens. They prayed what God wants, convinced they knew what God wants, and declaring what God wants with boldness.

The ground responded to this authority on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We do not gather to each prayer our own prayers or conduct our private devotions en masse. We gather as one assembled building, body, and bride to say one thing with representative authority, knowing what God wants from apostles and prophets with kingdom-key authority.

We agree with one mind and voice because we know what God wants. We have been prepared and positioned to make such decrees, binding and loosing, blessing and cursing, opening and closing, locking and unlocking.

Surrendering to this kingdom strategy of corporate prayer, we become one with another to become one with Heaven.

Praying in Agreement with God

God says, “I formed you, America, before anyone stepped foot on this land with a vision of My purpose. Those who lived here had every opportunity to worship Me as Creator, but they did not. They formed their own idols, followed demons, and lived as if no Creator formed them or instructed their behaviors.”

God says, “I have plans for You, America, not for evil but for good. I did not form you to be a nation full of evil, perversion, greed, idolatry, murder, and witchcraft, but a fathering nation filled with kingdom citizens. I formed you to prosper in the Gospel of the kingdom so you could preach and model it to all nations.”

God says, “I can do in America as much as the Remnant represents Me. I will not give My glory where I am not represented. Else I would give My glory to another. I give My glory where I am represented, and My intended purposes are being fulfilled. I cannot be represented by people who do not personally surrender to My intended purposes for their own lives. I cannot be represented by forms of godliness or churchism that are foriegn to My design and definition of Ecclesia.”

God says, “I hear the Remnant. I only need a Remnant to restore the intended purposes of this nation fully. I have a Remnant now, and that Remnant is rising in kingdom authority.”

God says, “I am sharing My strategy of how and when to get what I want in America wth My Remnant. Pray prayers of declaration—decree what I decree. Many false prayers and witchcraft prayers from people using My Name have filled the courts of Heaven with false accusations in agreement with My enemies. Decree what I decree and ask for a judgment decision from the father for what Jesus wants for America.”

Praying in agreement with God is the work of the Ecclesia Jesus builds. Displacing the usurpers of His intended purposes will, at first, reveal resistance at the same level, but yield the greater harvest of restoration, reconstitution, and reformation.

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