What God Says About America

A Divine Interview

If we could interview God about America, asking Him questions, we would ask the wrong questions and wonder why God said what He said about America.

God always speaks from the outcomes He has in mind, and His outcomes for America would seem farfetched to us because we speak from past and present misapprehensions of America.

If God intended to destroy America, He would say so. The interview with God on America would be straightforward “here’s why” and “here are the irreversible outcomes of destruction.” The interview would be a statement of mercy lifting and judgment as punishment carried out.

We think God would echo some of our harbinger themes and speak to our horrors unless we have experienced His passion for America’s purpose.

How God Does Stuff

Israel was God’s strategy to bring Incarnation into history, and God stuck with His strategy even when the culture He chose failed at every turn. God then adjusted history for the four ancient world empires that would rule Earth without a representative culture with a capacity to expand kingdom influence.

God stuck with Israel because of this outcome. Messiah was promised, and Messiah would arrive on time. That required much more time than anyone thought. Yet, God saw the outcomes, not the conditions that seem to make that outcome impossible.

America has only 244 years of history, while Israel had thousands of years of history. God stuck with Israel for the outcomes. God is sticking with America for the outcomes as well.

All God needs is a Remnant, and the King produced a Remnant during the times and seasons final harvest of Isreal. Even now, we can all say, “God is not finished with Israel.” We speak of a miracle of covenantal loyalty sustained for millennia against overwhelming odds when we say this.

America has a Remnant, and it is all the King needs to continue the march of purpose through history.

To the Contrary

We would offer God reasons for not continuing in His plans, pointing to atrocities, slavery, idolatry, perversion, and murder. We would be correct in saying that justice would mean punishment. We would be incorrect to say that God is finished with America. After 244 years, God is just getting started with America!

God responds to America in the context of His kingdom on Earth. This Providential outlook means the Remnant alone, focused upon kingdom culture, has a line of sight into His heart.

As no other source could, social media has revealed that few American believers can perceive His purpose while jumping to conclusions about their perceptions of His intentions. They are victims of their own superstitions–which are false paradigms of thinking about how things really work in the spirit. In many ways similar to the isms of Jesus’ generations, modern churchism puts its own transparent plastic overlay upon God’s intentions with the mind to lead God more than submitting to His will.

Jesus says, “I would have gathered your children Jerusalem, but you resisted Me.” He had every intention of redemptive response to a doomed nation, but the nation’s leaders rejected Him.

When we look for the leaders God examines in American culture, we look to the Remnant. Having no Remnant upon arrival other than John the Baptist’s disciples–Israel’s rejection John solidified their rejection of Jesus–Jesus was given a Remnant to prepare for kingdom reset in the new covenant.

America has a Remnant. God focuses upon the Remnant. If a person sees harbingers of destruction, they are not thinking like the Remnant. They are thinking n superstitions, substitutes for how things really work in the spirit, based upon an inadequate analysis history. They substitute traditions for Truth and superstitions for Biblical revelations of spiritual reality.

What God formed America to be in the beginning was predicting the outcomes He still intends for the nation. Looking at history with prophetic eyes explains the present and sets up the Remnant to prepare for the future.

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