Preparing and Positioning Intercessors

Like all kingdom leaders, the regional blueprints for kingdom come, culture, and conquest should be regional with alignments with national and international blueprint leaders. In this way, international level spiritual authority and power is available at the regional and personal level. If international and national kingdom leaders operate from home bases, the dynamics of kingdom leadership are more effective in function. Involvement with the kingdom regionally should be normal for leaders who minister internationally, they should have a regional center for leadership development, be involved in preparing and positioning leaders regionally by using the international aspect to bring those regional leaders into international level function.

With respect to intercessors, the leaders who mature them should be blueprints leaders with regional, national, and international alignments, but the intercessors should be prepared and positioned by the leaders closest to them. The involvement of intercessors in national and international blueprint leadership should be strategically arranged with the regional leaders. Bypassing those relationships by creating parallel structures undermines kingdom process and protocols by leaving out the people Jesus has assigned to those regions, ignoring the blueprints and strategic revelations of those leaders, and moving the focus around them to leaders not directly involved in the continuing maturity, protection, pacing, and “watching of the souls” of those intercessors.

When intercessors are distracted by “you can now become part of something big and work directly with the big boys and girls” they are also disconnected form the kingdom culture and conquest to which they have been assigned, from the leaders who know them best and can best provide oversight.

  1. We have intercessors out chasing the spiritual conspiracy all over the world as if they are the kingdom form of 007, with license to kill. The delusional side of warfare prevails with greater and greater revelations of the complex, often science fiction viewpoint of “them”. It is nothing – nothing – but a distraction from the blueprint strategies of kingdom leaders. It is a waste of money, intercessors, and warriors. Is a sideline of silliness in some cases, with simpleminded people doing nothing while telling themselves and others they are spiritual X-men.
  2. We have intercessors on the sidelines, burnt out with the political of intercession, terribly hurt that the false expectations of what was promised to recruit them have not come to pass. After a decade of driving stakes, pouring oil, blowing shofars, and screaming at the sky, they have seen nothing that tells them the warfare is winning and a bunch of personal things that tells them they are wounded. There are millions of them out there. The reason for their disconnect is the dysfunctional design of leadership and process. Their alignment with people near them with the actual blueprints for their personal preparation and positioning was broken down by recruitment techniques used to fill downlines.
  3. Kingdom functions one way for everything but intercessors who are, for some odd reason, not supposed to be prepared and positioned by their regional leaders at all. If the real reason for confusion between intercessors and pastor or local leaders were to be discussed with open eyes and ears, we would find that the intercessor were given permission to consider themselves more spiritual that others by the networking recruiters. Statements were made that left false impressions: “Now, your leaders are not as prophetic and spiritual as we networking people are. In fact, it is dangerous to do warfare with pastors in charge because they don’t know this stuff. No wonder you feel misunderstood and rejected when you take your insights to them and insist upon running the church.” In other words, networks actually used the restoration of intercessors to disconnect them for the very leaders who Jesus wanted to lead them!
  4. Little has been done to mature intercession. Nearly all efforts were invested in accumulating them. More is powerful. More is not everything. The accumulation of intercessors to prove they existed and to reveal their calling has become the problem instead of the solution. To prove to intercessors that they are intercessors, we have dumbed down intercession to allow for accumulations. Maturity of intercession is not valued when numbers is the measurement of effectiveness. Maturity only required at the top levels where the super saints live and breathe and have their being. The downline finds its meaning in following the superstars, and the accumulation means all because numbers is power, not maturity. So, we have intercessors praying like children after a decade of following the weekly update, daily alerts, and continuous flow of “pray for this right now.” We prove we can mobilize a million when we are actually motivating a few. Get the names on the list and claim their all in function. That is intellectually dishonest.
  5. Our heroes tell stories that are dated while the intercessors wait for evidence of personal and regional success. The climate of information tends toward big things done by and witnessed by a few elites while people living in the closets empty out their souls and dry up emotionally. The constant “pray or people will die” and the continuing saga of need to intercessors not assigned, trained, or matured to function with those burdens has taken a toll on their minds, marriages, families, and local ministries. Millions unplugged because they had no more emotional energy, and more importantly, had no personal and regional leaders capable of restoring them when they ran out of soul.

Is There A Better Way?

We find prophets connecting with distant validators more likely to stumble into dysfunction because they lack the personal accountability needed. We find apostles who refuse to walk in council or blend their blueprints with the blueprint leaders getting stuck in the muck of pride. We realize that everyone needs to have personal oversight for preparation and positioning, yet we throw intercessors at the frontline like fodder and wonder why they fill up the hospital and graveyards.

They need fathering leaders more than any other group of kingdom heroes! They are experiencing it first. They are experiencing it intensely. They are experiencing it as a personal assignment. Yet, the very people needed to move that burden onto several shoulders, properly harvest the seer’s perspectives, and properly locate the revelation without producing division are the people from which they are separated for the network building recruitment.

How many women serving as leaders in the movement were made leaders because they had money enough to do all the stuff some distant leaders demanded? How utilitarian has been the expectation justified by the overwhelming seriousness of the moment? “This will cost ten thousand dollars to do but we must get Dr B and Sister C in here right now or the whole region is going to the dogs!” So the burden of the regional that should have been coordinated with the regional blueprint leaders was placed upon the shoulders of the recruits. Failing to develop the kingdom structure, a parallel structure was put into place so the network could flourish in greater recruitment. It produced a diminishing supply of resources, people, patience, effectiveness, and maturity.

We know that big crusades are a good thing. We know that the vast majority of born anew people are not born anew in crusades but through personal connection points with other believers. We know that nearly all aspect of healthy, sustainable kingdom infrastructure is based upon strong regional home bases led by blueprint leaders, so why would we ever think the strategic air command of the kingdom operates contrary to all the kingdom principles, processes, and protocols? In reality we turned “intercessor” into special subset because that moniker fit our own structural designs, ignoring the norms of kingdom culture that we claim we claim we are working to expand.

So, begin with the regional apostolic and prophetic foundations. They are the foundational leaders. They have the blueprints that blend into the national and international blueprints. Follow protocols. Stop bypassing the very leaders needed to make the warfare work, and become servants of the kingdom’s strategies. Mature intercessors by serving the leaders you have bypassed.

  1. “We can’t work with them because they are not intercessors.” Then, you are looking at the wrong leaders, thinking that big is still the answer, when you should find the Remnant leaders building armies of mighty men and women in the wilderness. The Remnant is not discoverable in the way you have assumed. You have been searching for the wrong leaders because you have been stuck on accumulation instead of maturity.
  2. We can’t work with them because they wish to own the intercessors we need to mobilize.” Then, you are assuming someone gave you permission to own them instead, and you are in more pride than the regional leaders. In fact, you are assuming the very thing I am talking about: you are assuming that intercessors are different, and the reason many regional leaders refused to work with you arises from your penchant of separating them from their positions on the walls, filling them with false expectations, and recruiting them by giving them permission to justify their super-saintliness with “you are misunderstood and abused” false comfort. For all the “the pastors are the problem because they want to be in control” comments, I fail to hear one moment’s efforts to discover the way forward without separating intercessors from the people assigned to mature them.
  3. Blowing into town on the wind of “we are here now, move over and let the big boys and girls show you what you are too insignificant to understand” has become the means of recruitment and the cause of diminishing supply of intercessors. In fact, I have listened to this mantra for two decades and the continuing pat on the head from people claiming to have done things they haven’t even done continues. Not one moment’s consideration of what has already been done – unless it was done by someone in the network at the behest of the super-intercessors – is given to the strategic efforts. The assumption that no one has ever prayed or heard from God or been in a closet but the Lord Jesus personally dumped the entire load on the shoulders of the network’s elite is not only a given, it is a foundation stone for the recruiting that cannot be sacrifice for a taste of reality.
  4. The mainstream of intercession and warfare is not the big boys and girls and the big conferences and gatherings. All that is absolutely 100% valid, needed, welcomed (by me at least), honored, appreciated, and worthy. But the mainstream of intercession lies in the trenches, caves, closets, birthing rooms, war rooms, regional Remnant warriors, and regional blueprint leaders who would never wish recognition or exposure because it is never their nature to crow for the sake of expanding themselves or their influence. They are so passionately focused upon obedience and submission to mission, they have little time for the Reader’s Digest version of “We did it!” When they read it, they always wonder about the story that is told by those blown in on the wind with the “we did it!” mentalities.

If you can’t do it with regional blueprint leaders, assume you are doing it wrong and get a new strategy. Stop using the justification of urgency. That justification wears out with nearly all valid intercessors simply because they already live with urgency and your urgency is usually a distraction to their assignments.

If Jesus assigns intercessors, all valid assignments will fit persona with regional, regional with national, national with international seamlessly, and the personal victories will be the basis for regional victories as the basis for national victories and the expansion to international victories.

The investment in the health and maturity of the intercessor is our calling as leaders, not the structuring of networks at their expense.

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