Prophetic Detox

Grand Delusions Dishonor Father’s Intentions

I have observed authentic prophets and apostles. When they speak to people they know only by the spirit, they make some glad and many mad. The level of gladness and madness is higher the more authentic they are.

I walked toward a wonderful woman with great gifting but bitterness of soul from unfulfilled false expectations. I could read her expectations because God showed me her heart. I could also see her destiny, her blueprinted future from Father.

I started to lay hands on her, to impart this prophetic revelation through spoken revelatory communication. I stopped. I pulled back my hands. And, I said, “You do not want this anointing.”

She wept and wondered. But, she was not ready to implement what Father wants. She was full of her own ways: false entitlement, equality, and expectations. She would receive a prophetic word that confirmed her delusions.

She would have kept the evil imagery that her filtering system made of whatever I prophesied. She would tell herself and others that I confirmed her delusions. She would never implement the blueprints and battle plans of Father’s intentions. She would continue to write a movie script for ministry as fictional as Alice in Wonderland.

The script she is writing is delusional. It is her depiction of evil imagery from prophetic words. It begins with self-prophecy, an issue I will not have time to discuss today. It becomes an entire movie script when she applies the false filtering to prophetic words spoken and communicated by prophetic voices.

Many of these voices—unfortunately, many contemporary prophetic practices are consumer-based and play to the soul—are wolfish in character. The voices use a revelatory function to draw people into separate folds of followers.

The voices recruit by a blueprint that fits what that voice intends, not Father. Then, the voices will butcher any sheep that fails to meet expectations with the same voices. In both ways, they destroy destiny. One by substituting Father’s blueprints with a lie. One by obliterating the person.

Remember, the voices that falsely butcher are the same voices that falsely recruit. You cannot keep the delusions of grandeur any more than you can receive the destructive tear down of your destiny. Both are lies.

Today, we will examine these evil imagery issues, denounce and renounce them, sever their influence upon our souls, and detox the prophetic poison.

What Paul Says

Let’s first get a clear exegesis, or explanation, of the revelation Paul shares, with the presuppositions behind his statements. Paul writes with an inerrant sense of “how things really work in the spirit.”

  • Do not put out the Spirit’s fire.
  • Do not dishonor or devalue prophesying.
  • Test all–spirit and prophecy–with His filtering system.
  • Fully implement the good.
  • Discard the evil imagery.

The evil imagery–a proper understanding of the famous “shun the very appearance of evil” phrase–is an essential insight into prophecy, prophetic process, and how things really work in the spirit.

Prophecy comes with risk. So do all the other aspects of spiritual reality. The risk of personal prophecy is vastly diminished when Holy Spirit remains fully involved in the entire process. The possibility that He is limited at some points of the process becomes evident in Paul’s discussion of how things really work in the spirit. Paul’s presuppositions surface.

The Greek reads, “Every evil idea discard.” The term eidos is the fundamental word for image, form, or the way things appear to be. “We walk by faith, not by sight” reveals the meaning as “what is visible.” But the term communicates what becomes an “evil imagery” here.

It speaks to developing an evil imagination that runs contrary to the good that Holy Spirit would filter with His burning passion. Receiving prophecy comes with the inherent risk of doing something with the revelation contrary to the intentions of Holy Spirit in revealing it.

The word translated “abstain” means “receiving something by letting go of another.” It says that the complete removal of one is necessary for the complete receiving of alternative. The two cannot abide together because they are incompatible opposites.

We need to have shared passion from Holy Spirit, connecting us to the Father’s burning desire as a filter for prophecy. We carry the good all the way to the fullness of its consequences. We detox from the evil imagery painted, fabricated, or manufactured by our own filter, or the filter of the prophet.

Case Studies

Conferencitis inputs tens of thousands of people with false imagery every month.

  • Prophecies are released without a context for the implementation;
  • Prophecies are received without the filter of Holy Spirit that becomes delusions of evil imagination;
  • Prophecies are assumed, acquired, or accrued that are not for the individual or individual in scope.

Recruiting witchcraft prophecies from traveling opportunists entice people into downline-building fantasies. People are used then discarded, or worse, destroyed by equally false prophetic imagery. The failure of a person to become the evil imagery presents the prophetic charlatan with a problem that can only be resolved by condemning the person.

Goof-ball revivals crop up from shallow soil, unable to endure the test of daylight. People become convinced by prophetic sleight of hand that they experience the cutting edge of a new move. They are encouraged to lead hubs or ministries for which they have no call, character, or charisma from this faulty foundation. They make tragic messes attempting to do the ministry of Jesus and look like the sons of Sceva in the process.

I sent some leaders to various ministries we attempted to work with to receive immature or whacko revelatory malpractice that sent them sideways, away from my leadership, into prodigal detours.

Several of them continue living in exile from their callings because of these evil imaginations that were never filtered by Holy Spirit’s burning passion for Father’s original intentions.

Holy Spirit Reveals Father’s Intentions

The help you need to cleanse yourself from evil imagery begins with “don’t quench the Spirit.” You receive “evil forms” received from prophecies you accept without Holy Spirit’s fiery passion as a filter.

  • Fire is passion; Holy Spirit reveals Father’s original intentions and the blueprints and battle plans Jesus carries for
  • Quenching the Spirit’s shared passion warps prophecy and limits the filter needed to recognize good and evil;
  • Limiting prophecy dishonors Holy Spirit by limiting His functioning filters.

Kingdom Center Practices and Processes

We are always going to have prophecy, both personal and corporate. We are not going to limit or dishonor Holy Spirit in this Kingdom Center!
We begin with Father’s passion, blueprints, and battle plans, so we depend upon Holy Spirit revelation and power to do the ministry of Jesus.
We apply fathering passion to the principles, processes, and protocols.

Dishonoring Prophecy is explained by Paul by three specific criteria:Putting out Holy Spirit’s burning passion of the Father by diminishing shared passion.

  1. Dishonoring prophecy by limiting it or ignoring the process.
  2. Failure to filter prophecy for good and evil.
  3. Implement the good. Discard the evil imagery.

We are at a point of public, corporate, consumer-driven dishonor of prophecy because we failed to apply these basic principles to prophecy. Now, we have the apologizing prophets blaming people for their behaviors, as if the people acting like consumers forced them to dishonor prophecy. After making big bucks and bragging about it.

Restoring Honor through Prophetic Detox

Holy Spirit fire burns through evil imagery through a shared passion for Father’s original intentions. Dishonor includes keeping the evil imagery instead of or in addition to keeping the good.

Discarding the evil imagery means the filtering system must change. Quench the Spirit’s fire means applying Divine passion as the filter, not yours.

Lord, I repent for receiving the lie, believing the lie, and living a lie. I repent of allowing hell to build a stronghold from this high thing that lifts itself up against what God knows. I call it what it is–an evil imagination from prophetic filtering malfunction.

Lord, I forgive the prophet who included false imagery. I repent for forcing my own imaginations into faulty prophecies. I repent for receiving witchcrafted prophetic mixtures, allowing recruiting prophets to own my destiny for their own uses. I repent for turning valid and legitimate spiritual activities into twisted circus performances.

I renounce these lies and evil imaginations. I receive Your burning passion, a fire that consumes these altars destroys these strongholds and exposes the embedded through that run contrary to the thoughts of God. I refuse to believe a lie and be damned!

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