The Remnant Mindset

Do You Have a Remnant Mindset?

God wants everybody, but He never begins with everybody.

Remnant people have that pioneering edge to their priorities, that they are a bit out of touch, dissatisfied with the status quo, indignant about lukewarmness making them puke and the entire demand for “comfortable above conquering.”

God sets Remnants up so that only God gets the glory for the victories won by a few.

Remnant people abhor elitism while embracing the reality that God does what He does through Divine selectivity. They are not afraid of facing 100,000 wild-eyed pagans with an army of 299 other pioneers. Holding pitchers and torches, blowing trumpets that guarantee the enemy will be alerted to their presence, they cry out with a pregnant groan while cutting a swath in the fast lane to the enemy’s heart. Remnant warriors approach warfare in ways that give the office-chair generals ulcers.

God sends the crowd home before He resets the battle plan.

Remnant people do not travel to a large gathering in hopes of gaining momentum. Crowds seldom gather with sacrificial motivations. Conferences that attract the believer mobs and “also-ran” bandwagon riders are never the beginning points of conquest and siege building. Remnant people are already prepared for war, so they look for a fuss and a fuse more than a meeting to rehearse previous moments of greatness.

God devises the Remnant test, the Gideon test of leadership, and the battle plan separation of men from boys.

While all Remnant anticipates the ultimate inclusion of everyone, they never await the response of the crowd. They lead. They act. They speak. They prophesy. They do so long before the cameras start rolling and the “we are the ones” busses arrive. Remnants are seldom entertained after the victory because the crowd joins in once the critical danger is removed.
Watch God set up the test, winnow out the quitters, commission the convinced, and put a sword into the hands of the berserkers. Watch the 30,000 go on home without a quibble about being dismissed–they refuse the test the Remnant embraces.

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