Prophetic Word, 2017, The New Era of Pioneering



Anticipating this Era, a revelation of kingdom leadership dynamics brings emphasis to ministry of Jesus. Kingdom on earth represents kingdom in heaven. Jesus represents the Father on earth to reestablish representation between heaven and earth. Jesus prepares and positions His representatives who operate in the earth from His representation at the Father’s Right.

The sense of “seated with Him” that we put into practice is “representation.” He represents the Father to us and us to the Father so we can represent Him in the earth.

Representation of Jesus Christ establishes and expands kingdom from which He builds His Ecclesia. The Ecclesia called to together from among the kingdom represents kingdom culture from which to bring every member of that body or brick in that building into unified representation. The Ecclesia represents Jesus as a kingdom and cultural legislative assembly, called together to receive and execute what God wants in the earth.

All that happens within the kingdom Ecclesia leads toward representation so that each working part of the systems, adorning appearance of the Bride, and blueprinted part of the construction individually and corporately represents heaven on earth. (Community is a byproduct of this unity not the cause of it.)

To reset the kingdom, we reset representation. We set every kingdom leader free of the devastating tyranny of representing man or manmade institutions so kingdom leaders represent Jesus. We set every kingdom citizens free of the distracting roots of cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches to produce the fullest harvest of purpose. We set cultures free of the darkness through the influence of kingdom and kingdom culture because kingdom on earth represents kingdom in heaven.

This is the greatest reset of kingdom in millennia! And, we are part of it.

We are much closer to this turning point than we know! The church growth movement is coming full circle back to the understanding of discipling leaders instead of the accumulation of believers. The kingdom foundations are crying for reset. The children are seeking fathers. We are close to the breakthrough point of reset.

Rise and Fall

Expect the rise and fall of nations, paradigms, scientific systems, and movements both holy and lawless. What rises is already begun to rise but humbled by its beginnings; what falls is already on the decline or manifesting its demise and wallowing in pride. The “rise and fall of many” will bring rapid and sweeping change. Where there is nothing on the rise, an empty place will appear. Where there is nothing prepared to replace what is falling, an empty place will appear. However, some things dying will not leave an empty place because they were illegitimate, and some things not rising were never supposed to be.

So, in the rise, test the validity of what is beginning. And, in the falling, test the validity of what has died. Do not assume that all that rises is good or all that dies is bad. Do not assume every empty place should be filled because some things falling will leave no empty place at all.


The world will use the word, “blasphemy” again. While the enemy successfully cloaked this condition in the past, even make blasphemy humorous, the word will gain both legitimacy and mystery in meaning. That is, it will make sense to say something is blasphemous and the mystery behind that legitimacy will be entertained again.

God will remove blasphemy from His people, and sometimes it will be an Ananias and Sapphira moment. The tendency toward airbrushing blasphemy with humor or casualness will be removed and a new fear of the Lord, as a spiritual condition, will return to the kingdom.

The Spirit and Power of Elijah

The joining of generations has reached a point of critical mass, and we will experience the rebellion of Korah. Those testing God with false equality, as Korah did, will be exposed. A division as great as the earth opening before Korah and the rebels will come. A season of legitimate authority and leadership being validated by God will come. Some who make claims to authority without authorization will be separated.

This crisis will break the power of lawlessness and join the generations for legitimate assignments upon which to discover legitimate alignments so authority from God flows from the center to the fringes of the camp, so to speak. “Every man in his tent” can see the Glory when properly aligned. Without alignment, all a man can see of his brothers is “someone in my way.”

While previous efforts to join the minds of fathers and sons have failed, the crisis will serve as a foundation for trust: “if God trusts these fathers, I will trust them too” will be the factor of faith for breaking the curse off the land.


Healing will extend its reach to relationships. In this atmosphere, marriages that once failed will continue. Families that broke apart with find commonality. Ministries that were fractured in the past will reach for wholeness. Relationships that stagger from confusion will be strength by awareness.

Peacemakers will rise. They bridge the gifts of healings with the counsel of the Lord bringing wisdom as strategy to identify the fatal flaws and festering wounds, combining healing of the wounds with pathways to peace. During great battles, the army of God will experience great oneness and comaraderie.

The kingdom must identify and celebrate the peacemakers, authorize their function, and honor their contributions among the other gifts and leadership dynamics. Each ministry leader should ask, “Do I know the peacemakers in the house?”


Expect great change in North Korea as the status quo deteriorates because of the unexpected. A tiny change will produce a massive overhaul.

Japan will experience a great divide so that one portion prospers like Singapore and the other faces devastation. This divide will uproot ancient foundations for a “New Japan” to be built.

Greece will wither. Germany will riot in the street and have revival behind the doors. Spain will weep for sorrow yet become pregnant with reformation in the same month. Italy will continue to shake and the changes will be spoken of in terms of Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern, as God will deal with Italy by quadrants. A new Wesley with a heart strangely warmed in America is coming to England. The Dutch will duck from “a warning shot across the bow,” and the world will see whether they are ready for the battle. From Switzerland, a thinker will step out of hiding with a new idea that makes history.

In Peru, “a pea will rule”, so the smallest shall have the greatest influence and power. Bolivia will feel the heat. Argentina will have seven months of plenty and seven months of famine, in the extreme, so every nation around them should prepare for Argentine seasons, and after this a new ruler will arise to bring great change: the change depends upon whether plenty or famine comes first. Columbia will be the gem of the landmass, not the ocean; discovery will reset focus upon building stronger internal infrastructure, a foundation to rebuild national strength.


In Brasil, the narrow road and gate are set, and it is the few that go in that will set the course of the many. Do not look to the many for your indicators but the Remnant. Install a Gideon test for leadership so that you do not praise yourselves for the victories that come and say, “Look! What we have done in our wisdom and strength.” What is strong is strong only in God. What is big is big only in God. What is right is right only in God. What is successful is successful only in God. The eyes of the world have been upon you. Now, the eyes of heaven are upon you, and only what heaven wants should matter to the Church in Brasil. The largest earthquakes of change have already happened but many aftershocks will be needed in every region to shake the church and government; “I have left the smaller adjustments for now,” says the Lord, “to spare the innocent and vulnerable. But, more revelations of corruption will occur in the aftershocks.”

In Brasil, many church and movement leaders are asking, “What now?” after years of success and growth. Many fathers are asking, “Who now” after years of success and growth. That answer: prepare to function at an international level at every level of your leadership, ministry, and success.

“For I have called Brasil to be a leader among nations for Me,” says the Lord, “and pouring success and growth back into yourselves will not result in greater success and growth if you ignore this calling. Keeping the best at home will not build strength at home. Hoarding what grows for bigger barns at home will result in death for kingdom leaders I’ve called to reach nations with that strength and growth. Look to the nations! Look to the nations and the strength will be stronger. Look to the nations and the growth will grow faster. Look to the nations and your highest and best will prosper. But, if you look only to yourselves, you will have yesterday as the mark of your highest and best.”

Nations, Continued

Mexico, you must fight a civil war against crime.” The Lord says, “What you see as great restriction will cause internal pressures to build to the point of explosion. You will reap the years of cancerous growth in your vital organs. You will require radical surgery to save you, but the surgery will also expose the true heart of Mexico again. Let the influence of Spain die! Let the influence of your redemptive purpose live! Let death and cruelty die! Let healing and love live! Let witchcraft be broken off your mountains! Let revival burn like fire in your valleys! Mexico, set a course for a decade of change.”

China will be fragile. Many of the hand-painted china plates will be shattered, but new patterns will be born. Old patterns no longer serve to feed the nation, so new patterns will adorn the china of China. A new radical economic model is coming. It embraces both old and new international partners. Beware the nations of oil and embrace the nations of wheat.

The Lord says, “I am angry with Russia. I turn my face toward Russia with anger to defend the poor and foreigner desecrated and devastated by your greed, pride, violence, and theft. Your judges are corrupt. Your pastors are frauds. Your leaders are tyrants. Your merchants are merchants of death. You survive by piracy and marauding, raping lands I want to produce life. So, I will put My hand on the table where your plans and schemes are being devised, and I will change the names and places of your focus so you will fight to own dry wells and empty treasure chests. I will fight you on the east and west. The Lord will contend with Russia and ancient causes will cry out for justice and their voices heard in heaven.”

I Will Break Your Heart to Reset It

I saw a bone broken and reset, healing at the break, and heard God say, “As a broken bone is reset for healing, I will break your hearts and reset your passion.”

“Your hearts will not be broken by disaster or death. I will break your hearts. Your hearts will not be broken by loss or sickness. I will break your hearts Myself! Your hearts will not be broken by enemies or betrayal of friends. I will break your hearts.

“I will break your hearts so that I can be One to reset them for healing.”

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