Rediscovering Discipling

Rediscovering the lost art of discipling will reset kingdom leadership in remarkable and powerful ways!

Many assume the term “disciple” means “follower.” It does not. Jesus did call people to follow Him so they could be discipled, because a person cannot be discipled when they do not follow.

Many assume the term “disciple” means “student.” It does contain that aspect of meaning but simply calling a disciple a “learner” does not adequately describe the process.

The term, mathetes, speak to a process by which a learner experiences what he or she learns from a discipler in order to “think the thing all the way through.” Jesus says, “It is enough, or the goal of discipling, that the disciple become like His discipler.” The consequences of what is learned, both by instruction and impartation, measured the success of discipling.

Discipling differs significantly from education in that it involves a more specific process; a learning process that includes shared experiences. Kingdom discipling functions spiritually, so the discipling process includes shared spiritual experiences. Disciple do not learn about things; they learn to be and do what the process is designed to make them become and accomplish.

Unless or until a disciple finishes the process, he or she fails in his or her discipling. They cannot cease being discipled until they reach the ultimate end.

From this profound foundation for kingdom leadership development, Jesus of Nazareth intends to build an Ecclesia that can displace every strategically positioned authority of Hades! Jesus intends to assemble, shape, fit into place, join without the sound of saw, hammer, or file, and solidify without fillers or cement a living stone building!

Ask yourself, “Have I ever been truly and authentically discipled? Have I followed God’s assigned pathway of preparation to its conclusion? Have I become like the One Who provides the discipling principles, protocols, and personalities?”

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