Report or Rebel: Apostolic Order in the Kingdom Culture

“You Will Do Greater” is Implementation

You will notice that Paul and other apostles give up nothing of their metron of authority and responsibility to eldering leaders. They delegate to eldering leaders, but delegation expands authority and responsibility. Delegation never dismisses authority and responsibility. It extends it.

Delegation changes the role of a leader because the role of the leader is expanded to include other leaders through which the very same assignment or inheritance estate is extended. Metron expands through inheritors.

The eldering leaders do what the originating father does, and then they do greater of the same thing.
Beware the charismatic tendency to assume that the apostles improve upon Jesus when they simply expand what Jesus originates. “You will do greater” isn’t about numerics but implementation.

Delegation is a sign of success in that fathering originates increase, inheritance, and international influence when it hits its highest and lengthens its stride to ultimate measure. Delegation continues through honor, humility, hunger, and holiness.


Delegation in Paul and other disciples operated through reporting. Knowing Paul as a spiritual father meant that the inheritors recognized what Paul recognized. Paul set apostolic order in the regional Ecclesiae. Elding did not set order. Eldering implemented the order.

So, Paul taught them to see what he would see. What is evident to Paul would be obvious to them. They would report the critical data to Paul. Through reporting, Paul would remain faithful to his metron.
Paul never walked away from any of his assignment by “turning it over to elders.” Not one time. Ever.

Eldering leaders enjoy the trust of fathering leaders, as fathering leaders, by delegated authority. This fathering delegation leads up to the Father with all inheriting leaders reporting up and receiving fresh orders from those to whom they submit their fathering operation.

We do not choose successors. We father inheritors. We alter the role and responsibilities only to extend them into delegation. The “Lo, I remain involved with you until time reaches ultimate” aspect of the King’s leadership role and responsibilities is extended into the kingdom by apostolic representation and installed for function by apostolic order.

If your response to this reality is “that is controlling,” you understand none of the design and definition criteria of the kingdom of God. You are looking at the kingdom through a lens distorted by focal points that magnify things that should be small into things that appear large while diminishing critical elements of leadership as minutia.

Reporting maintains apostolic order. Meetings in a Kingdom Center are not for decision-making or problem-solving but information flow. All information flows up, not out.

This directive is not hierarchal. It is not possible to function in apostolic order with a hierarchal multi-level network. The kingdom is a matrix, not a downline. It bears no resemblance to a natural business system or design because it is a spiritual kingdom with a spiritual leadership matrix.

Notice that Jesus does not pray, “Father, make them live up to their mission statement by developing acceptance of one another and serving both internal and external clients.” He is not looking for a good business model, and no Ecclesia can function as a kingdom Ecclesia with a natural world business model as the measuring stick of success.

What is Obvious: Measuring Metron for Leadership

Notice that Jesus prays, “Father, make them one as We are One.” The integrity of an apostolic order is measured in the health and longevity of fathering relationships tested submission and obedience, with shared passion and greater trust as the marks of maturity. Oneness is spiritual. Oneness is relational. Oneness is possible because of preparation, position, and posture that answers to Creation design and definition.

Reporting must as broad as the assignment and specific to what is obvious to the leaders assigned. The training of a leader makes things evident to that leader that are not obvious to anyone else. At each point of submission positioning, the spectrum of what is obvious broadens.

So, what is obvious to a leader will always be the same as the metron of that leader’s assignment. His reporting will fit that metron but also fit into the assignment metron of the one to whom he reports.

So, at each measure of metron, the leader has a broader scope of “what is obvious to me is not obvious to others.”

Any dishonoring person who says, “Well, just explain yourself to me so I can see what is obvious to you, so it will be obvious to me,” reveals a pretense that is as rebellious as satan himself in the character of it rebellion but as subtle as a whispered kiss on the cheek in its scope.

Paul operates in the New Testament by answering reports. He is aware by Holy Spirit, has answers by Holy Spirit, and is led by Holy Spirit. He leads by reports from trusted inheritors who humbly honor his metron and function the by the apostolic order he established. Paul leans upon these reports to continue to apostle his metron of assignment.

Reporting measures honor, humility, hunger, and holiness in any eldering leader.

Report or Rebel

Dishonor will say, “So, why don’t you just trust me to do this? I can do this without you looking over my shoulder.” That is a level of rebellion hell uses to make rebellion posters for the streets of Hades. You just said, “I don’t care about your metron. I intend to usurp it with my own. I think you do not have one bit more ‘things are obvious to me’ superiority than I do. I do not intend to be held accountable as a leader.”

Not reporting is rebellion, dishonor, delusional pride, and disgusting self-satisfaction. It is common, not holy.

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