Responding to Prophetic Words and Warnings

When I read the words of the prophets and apostles for this season, anticipating the battle forming before us, and the greater expressions of His Glory and power that will arrive simultaneously, I realize that we failed to fully mature the prophetic function of kingdom people so they can receive and apply these words and warnings.

We are reaching the wrong conclusions, jumping to conclusions, and hammering prophetic words and warnings into our preconceived doctrinal structures and personal visions of the future in ways that contradict or confuse the very purpose of the words and warnings.

Consider this: any prophetic word or warning that produces fear is either being misread or isn’t pure in motive and source. Fear is exactly the opposite of God’s heart and revelations. God always says, “Do not fear.” He says, Do not fear, when He is warning you that really bad times on way.

Consider this: rethink every prophetic word with an agenda attached, the use of “piling on” prophetically in order to sell you a book, attach you to a ministry, or receive your financial support for their program. As accurately as the word may confirm your thinking or other voices, the purpose of the word lacks the proper motivation, so the conclusion you reach from it may be colored by the agenda in which it is framed.

Consider this: put God’s prophetic word and warning outside the structures of manmade theories and frameworks for the end times that require you to fit the prophetic word to what you learned reading a scenario for the end times God doesn’t necessarily share. With such a multitude of end time charts and scenarios, somebody must be wrong, so the same word or wanting fitted into any one of these scenarios reaching different conclusions in terms of your response.

I know someone is going to assume I’m saying, “don’t fit the word or warning into Scripture,” but I’m not. I am boldly challenging you to consider that end time scenarios and charts that many leaders teach may not be God’s thinking on the end times. So, if you insist that every prophetic word line up with your understanding of the chart and scenarios, you may reach a conclusion about what God is saying right now contrary to or in confusion with His thinking.

Consider this: God has been judging nations since the first nation was formed. He judges nations now. Whatever His is doing about whatever governments are doing, at any given moment, is not reactionary: He isn’t reacting to the actions of men but furthering His own purposes. When God furthers His own purposes, and He runs into what is contrary to them, His judgments will always affect what is contrary in adverse ways.

Apply Romans 8:28 in this sense: God isn’t orchestrating everything together to oppose His enemies. What He is orchestrating will wreck men’s initiatives whenever they run into His orchestrations of All. Every prophetic word will answer to His orchestration, not to a reaction of God against the plans and actions of men.

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