Revival and Riot: Spiritual and Cultural Contrast

Dr Don has been prophesying a season of Awakening in America for several years that would be marked by both revival and riot. The Awakening will bring holy riot to the kingdom and chaotic riot to the streets. Both aspects of this season are manifesting.

Dr Don today: “A season of contrast has arrived. Strong contrast. Light and dark in strong contrast bring clarity of purpose and passion; we can see the heart of man with such clarity that it is easy to choose which side My people are on. In this contrast and clarity, a higher expectation of commitment arises so that the unity you have sought comes through the spirit. A unity of purpose will arrive by reason of the contrast. Not a false unity of appearance based upon shared titles or entitlements, but a unity of purpose that demands a higher commitment.

“How long will you hop from branch to branch like a bird? If Jehovah be God then worship Him. If Baal, worship him.”

In the season of contrast, you need not do anything new but become more intensely committed in doing what you’ve already been doing. You need not do anything when attacked, for as a spectator you will see the reward of the wicked.

By reason of contrast, what you have said and done will be more clearly see and understood. You need do nothing differently – keep doing what you are doing and saying what you are saying. It will become increasingly clear what side you are on by reason of contrast.

Some things will now diminish because they are a mixture instead of the pure. And, your enemies will be more clearly “enemies.” Fear not, this is necessary for people to have an easy decision, a bold response, a clear choice of direction. Contrast will bring division but division will produce unity. “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

If you are committed to purpose more than appearance, those who chose God’s side will recognize your leadership in the day of contrast.”

Revival and riot marked Acts 19 when Ephesus experienced a generation of transformation to become the center of Christianity for 200 years.

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