Seasonal Harvest Comes to America: Will America Survive this Autumn?

First, let’s answer that question: Will America Survive This Autumn? Yes, but America will never be the same again.

To understand what is happening right now that will reach a kind of critical mass in September and October, refresh your memory on the idea of final harvest and seasonal harvest.

America is not in Final Harvest.

Final harvest is “weighed in the balance and found wanting. The kingdom will be required of you.” Destruction. The prophecies of invasion by Russia, overwhelming destruction, the President becoming an antichrist dictator, devastating earthquakes that forever destroy the landscape, and economic collapse would be final harvest warnings. The warnings are being given because they could happen, have happened to other nations, and could be our future if not for the repentant and restored remnant. They could happen if God lifts His protective hand, ignoring our prayers and the prayers accumulated in heaven from intercessors all over the world and history.

Final harvests do happen. Final harvest occurred in Israel in Jesus’ generation: “This generation shall not pass until this final harvest warning is fulfilled.” Israel as a nation became a deserted desert after the Romans salted the fields and burned the cities. Final harvest means desolation: “Your house is left unto you desolate.”

Final harvest means we should all prepare to run to another nation or die in this one. Final harvest means the opportunities opened by mercy close up. Final harvest for an individual is Ananias and Sapphira. Final harvest for a nation is Israel in Jesus’ generation. Final harvest for America would be something much different from the correction that is coming; it would be complete devastation.

America will experience a season ending and new season opening correction that will effect every aspect of the culture in ways that say, “America will never be the same again.”

America is in seasonal harvest.

Seasonal harvest comes because we harvest what has been sown. Seasonal harvest comes when God intends to reset the culture and the opportunity for turn around and restoration is at its greatest. Seasonal harvest reveals the difference between what God sowed and the enemy sowed; they have been left to grow together, awaiting season ending harvest. Seasonal harvest arrives because both good and evil have reached a point of maturity, manifesting their highest or finished cycles of product. The seed sown produces what the seed contains.

So, in seasonal harvest, the good seed matures and reveals what God planted, while the substitute seed matures and reveals what the enemy planted, obviously opposed to and unlike what God planted. At seasonal harvest time, you can tell the difference between what God wants and the enemy wants. You can separate wheat from tares and secure royal seed for planting in the next season, destroying seed sown by the enemy.

Seasonal harvest will mean that we experienced the highest the kingdom can produce, a new level of power, holiness, wisdom, revelation, effectiveness, and worship becomes available, and Glory overshadows the kingdom! God will harvest seeds planted at this nation’s founding by godly men and women, planted at Azusa Street, planted in previous Awakenings, planted by generations of Biblical, kingdom Gospel preaching, planted by billions of dollars sown into the nations for kingdom purposes, and sown by God Himself into this land for His covenant purposes!

At the same time, season ending harvest exposes the harvest of hell. At the same time, seasonal harvest throws Jezebel’s lovers on her bed so everyone sees who’s been in bed with her. At the same time, seasonal harvest uncovers the hidden agendas of people who look like wheat and grow with the wheat but produce wrong harvest.

The enemy who sowed those tares hopes to reap his own harvest, hopes to see the highest of his agenda in power, influence, fear, control, destruction, rebellion, and dishonor. And, that harvest will manifest in greater expressions of riot, pillaging, arrogance, perversions, and demands for an agenda contrary to God’s covenant purposes for America.

So, America in seasonal harvest will see both revival and riot.

Will really bad things happen? Yes. Will really good things happen? Yes. Will good or evil overpower the other so that the conflict disappears? No. Will America be changed in some irreversible way? Yes. It is already has been changed in ways that are irreversible: it can never be the same again.

In some measure, America will embrace the seasonal harvest and receive the correction, and her covenant purpose with God serves as the measurement to discern how much correction she has embraced. Measuring everything by how it aligns with America’s covenant purpose with God is the only way to properly discern what happens next. Otherwise you will retreat to some overly simplistic Vacation Bible School scenario about only good things happen to good people with characters from Disney fairy tales or swallow some overly complex comic book conspiracy theory about the inevitability of evil with characters from science fiction. Either extreme will further weaken the Ecclesia instead of positioning her to take advantage of the seasonal harvest.

Revival is already here! Riot is already here! Two kingdoms are clashing. One with God’s order and principles. The other with satanic chaos and lawlessness. Each with its own spirit of leadership.

Some revival some spirit of leadership from the riot kingdom. Some riot blends some spirit of leadership from the revival kingdom. There are only two kingdoms, but the two kingdoms spill over into one another because neither is completely pure at the squishy center. Some revival leaders have a lawlessness and disorder blended into their operation of ministries, unwittingly contributing riot to the revival side of things. Some riot leaders have a spiritual order and protocol because they embrace God’s principles and protocols attempting to invest these into the riot, hoping to produce revival with it.

Beware lawlessness, rebellion, chaos, and disorder within the move of God. Run from it! It can only contribute to harvest of tares, not the harvest of wheat, and it will plant tares into the next season. (By lawless, I mean any contribution of kingdom leadership that avoids God’s order and strategy for leadership, attempting to establish ministry or revival without proper alignment with God’s kingdom leaders.) Any. No matter how sincere or precious the people are, avoid what they do if the spirit of leadership is lawless and out of order. Because its has a lawless spirit of leadership, it plays into the enemy’s method: “If I can’t win outright, I’ll set this up to plant tares into the next season.”

If hell cannot stop revival, hell will work to limit the power of revival by offering substitutes God’s purpose.

Enemies sow tares into revival, and good people become enemies of revival when they insist upon operating in the opposite spirit from the spirit of leadership God invests in revival. They sow substitutes for God’s purpose, and their sown seeds produce another season of mixture. They become an enemy of the very thing they embrace because they join it for the wrong reasons to fulfill the wrong purpose.

America will experience crises of purpose this fall that will open opportunity for revival and riot.

Many believers – some unprepared to lead and others poorly prepared to follow – freeze, or panic with fear when history’s most amazing opportunities arise. They fear and avoid persecution instead of being blessed in persecution. Jesus says, “God blesses the ones persecuted for right behavior, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” Some people fear horror instead of becoming a first responder to help.

Some hold on to what they should release because they apply impure priorities to worthless things in the time of extreme correction. These turn traitor to God and His leaders demanding that God and these leaders respond to their entitlement demands: “Just make it all better. Make it go away!”

These are not the people who will follow principle and protocol in the moments of our greatest opportunity for Awakening in more than one hundred years!

In contrast, a prepared and positioned remnant will establish and expand kingdom during the next five years! They will build with heightened releases of miracles, signs and wonders, as Gospel preaching and demonstrations of power operate together with great effectiveness. The lawless will continue doing hit and run evangelism that feeds their own sense of being loved instead of God’s demonstration of passion for purpose. These leaders will disciple people with the disciplines of kingdom leadership dynamics so that every member of the Body contributes to the corporate stature of Christ, building itself up in love. The lawless will fragment the Body along the same old lines of doctrinal idolatry, denominational distinction, and dysfunctional ministry models that allow for lawlessness to continue unchecked by kingdom leadership. The lawless are both establishment elitists and counterculture hippies; they both share the spirit of leadership that sows tares.

In contrast, a heightened awareness of God in the general population opens massive opportunities for kingdom building. We call this condition “Awakening.” Awakening resorts purpose, and the systematic delusion of Leviathan that has dominated the political and bureaucratic infrastructure of Washington, DC, and state capitols will lose its heads! While this trend will not eliminate dissent and certainly will not mean that government leaders will all be revivalists, Awakening gains momentum within the culture through a reset of kingdom leadership, and shifts the culture. This cultural shift contributes to shifts in policy and governmental agendas at the highest levels and eventually reaches even the bureaucratic levels.

America is going through some stuff this fall! We are going to have the greatest opportunity for kingdom advancement in America that we’ve had in a century! Get ready by getting into alignment with the kingdom leaders who can prepare and position you for maturing your contribution to the Ecclesia!

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