Spiritual Agendas

God’s kingdom operates in complex spiritual systems, like the twelve systems of the human body, and these complex spiritual systems each have a kingdom agenda. Kingdom leaders assigned to accomplish kingdom purposes prepare and position the parts of the Body to function in cooperative concert within these complex spiritual systems. The complex spiritual systems have agendas, strategies through which Holy Spirit operates to accomplish kingdom tasks so their accumulative achievement produce God’s desired goals.

In opposition, hell operates in complex spiritual systems, methodologies and strategies to thwart, confuse, distract, and replace the goals of God. The goals of hell have little or no long-term purpose beyond destroying, stealing, or killing what God has determined. These complex spiritual systems are identified in Scripture by terms that identify the nature and character of hellish rulers: python, Leviathan, and antichrist, for example. Like the kingdom of God, the systems of hell have agendas, strategies through which principalities and powers operate to establish a cosmic order that answers to the conspiracy against Messiah Jesus. These are anti-christ systems with agendas set in opposition to the goals of God.

Any person, Ecclesia, city, region, or culture has identifiable spiritual agendas in operation at any given time. These agendas mark the spiritual battlegrounds of kingdom clashes. Here, apostles and prophets who function in blueprint, foundational leaders identify the agendas and provide the Body with kingdom strategies to positively press for the purposes of God while gaining accumulative victories the embattlements set in place by the adversary.


The term “agenda” is the plural of “agendum” used first in theological discourse to speak of “non-theological” decision-making and problem-solving leadership. The “agendum” were listed in an “agenda” to determine how to deal with the list of matters attendant to and surrounding the theological work of the church.

Put that picture into the complex spiritual systems of kingdom and Leviathan. See more clearly how the metaphor of body and building which Jesus and Paul use to speak of kingdom come reveals to us “how things work in the spirit.”

To recognize, analyze, and understand the agenda of God makes blueprint leadership practical, allows for specific goal-setting, both short and long term, and clarifies how individual body members or living stones are prepared and positioned to function. With God’s agenda, Holy Spirit reveals how God intends to accomplish His purposes through kingdom leadership dynamics.

To recognize, analyze, and understand the agenda of hell allows leaders to deal with the opposition of the adversary to God’s agenda, avoid distraction or substitution, and maintain the focus of personal and corporate passion on God’s goals. With revelation of the enemy’s method – “we are not ignorant of his methods” – preplanned movements, set timing, and decisions about setting the pace of kingdom expansion are more powerful.

Often, the opposition of the enemy gives us revelation of the greater work of kingdom advancement because we observe our greatest destinies in our greatest battles. Here, we gain our greatest victories to make our greatest advancements.

Agendas in a time and place, working in the people of that time and place, are the textbooks blueprint leaders must read and study, and the workbooks they must use to guide the operation of complex spiritual systems, diagnose problems to be solved, and decisions to be made.

How familiar are we with God’s agenda? First, ask yourself what a person, Ecclesia, city or region looks like fully transformed and functional when the blueprint of God is finished, when the restoration process is complete, and when the complex spiritual systems are in full operation.

Usually, architects provide an artistic rendition of the finished building with its surrounding landscape when they have completed the blueprints for constructing that building. This artistic conceptualization allows us to visualize the way things should be when the assignment is accomplished.

At the same time, the finished product with blueprints allows the architect and builder to prepare a materials list so order the prepared building blocks needed. As well, the master builder will have an “agenda” of particulars, a cumulative process of what must be done first by whom, what must be set in place when, a sequence of events in construction for decision-making and problem-solving at each stage of construction.

At any given moment, the complexity of the process may mean no one sees the agenda in full or understands how their particular portion of the whole fits the master plan, how the materials they supply, deliver, or install fit the timeline or accumulative substrata, or why the blueprint calls for specific and unusual construction of minor details. (“Why does this closet need reinforced concrete flooring?”)

By the way, this might help us understand why the landscape of modern christianism is filled with “closets” called “churches” instead of Ecclesias that legislate kingdom authority and power into their cultures.

Agendas of the Enemy

Now, consider the agendas of the enemy in a culture. Think of the anti-family agenda, the anti-marriage agenda, the anti-creation agenda, the anti-freedom agenda, for example. Understand that the cultural voice of the legislative Body doesn’t dictate legislation in human government as much as it influences the culture in foundational ways that are eventually reflected in that government from the grassroots.

Consider that while loving the individuals in the LGBTQ coalition, the Ecclesia opposes the agenda of hell using these people to influence and control the culture. This agenda isn’t about “human rights” at all! The agenda is about remaking the culture according to a hellish agenda to avoid that culture finishing the blueprint of God!

The enemy uses the opposition to the agenda to paint the Ecclesia as “homophobic, barbaric, unloving, and judgmental,” but the reality is that the Ecclesia loves the individuals while warring against the agenda that uses these individuals to frustrate God’s goals for that nation.

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