Spiritual Warfare is Always Positive

Spiritual warfare may be properly defined as “positively pursuing God’s purpose with His power, principles, and protocols.”That long definition can be summed up with the terms “positive” and “purpose.” The warfare arrives when the purpose of God runs into the positions of the enemy.

That is, any warfare that pursues the enemy takes on a operation foreign to kingdom principles of engagement. God doesn’t attack the enemy. The enemy attacks His purposes because His representatives are pursuing the fulfillment of His purposes.

When we positively pursue God’s purposes, we run into the enemy and displace his positions. We need never pursue the enemy in order to engage the enemy, nor are we called to do so. We move onto the land God has already promised us as a promised possession, and we engage the enemy who has made a claim on it.

Beware the warfare strategies that engage the enemy simply upon the basis, “this is the enemy.” Chasing after conspiracy theories, Illuminati and secret cults, becoming an expert in strange ideas and historic mysteries, touting expertise about the Antichrist and what the CIA says about unseen forces at work in the world…exhausting distractions that substitute for the positive pursuit of purpose. The assumption is that if the enemy is engaged by intercession or warfare on his own turf, we will have breakthrough, but the enemy doesn’t have any turf and we can function legitimately where we are assigned. Our assignment is never exclusively guerrilla warfare, sniper duty, or spiritual hit man.

The enemy has no turf to be engaged upon. He merely wishes you to believe that so he can convince you of the inevitability of evil. You will celebrate moral victories and morale victories or hollow victories that distract from the purposes of God instead of fulfilling them.

Remember the “anything but that” strategy of hell. Purpose defines kingdom and kingdom leadership. Through purpose we focus passion, set priority, understand principle, follow protocol, and interpret Providence. The enemy has long engaged in distraction and substitution as he method: distract from the purpose and offer the substitute. 

Just let me say it, “A lot of the spiritual warfare being done is actually a distraction for purpose and some of it substitutes for the purpose God has assigned leaders to fulfill.” Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being invested in distractions and substitutions, and the enemy giggles with delight. At the end, we are left to wonder, “So? We did all that and things are the same as they were before. We have no measurable sense of progress except to assume we are faithful.”


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