Targets of Overshadowing

We do not see any overshadowed leader or person marketing the overshadowing to build a following or gain influence as a kingdom leader. The person or group experiencing overshadowing must maintain a proper decorum of principles and protocols when overshadowing occurs so that the purpose they birth becomes more important than the birthing process itself.

When the baby is born, it turns around and names you. If this does not occur, you will end up in offense with God like John the Baptist with Jesus.

Overshadowing defines the target rather than the target defining the overshadowing.

Immediately we name the condition overshadowing produces with an identifying moniker, we run the risk of using the overshadowing to birth what we can name with our own expectations instead of birthing what God names or expects.

When other people give what God does a name or title so they can talk about it, report on it, and dialogue about it, they nearly always redefine it by their very descriptions and limit the full understanding of His purpose by more immediate explanations of what they cannot possibly understand. The revelation needed to have some understanding of what His overshadowing has in mind can only become available while you are experiencing what that overshadowing provides.

In other words, we should not expect to understand revival and Awakening by reports in media (christian or no) but expect that God is birthing something beyond our understanding, that answers to what Father symphonically orchestrates All to accomplish. The overshadowing always has a purpose nearly infinite in scope, far beyond what we can perceive by our personal experience or the measurements of observation.

We cannot limit the overshadowing to our perceptions if we wish to fully engage with God in his purpose.

Try to explain, “God symphonically orchestrates All,” and you understand why you cannot report overshadowing with any hope of creating understanding. You can talk about it, at it, and around it, but you cannot explain it.

Immediately the move of God comes, people wish to put their own fingerprints upon it, explaining how what they did or said produced something that can only be understood by “God symphonically orchestrating All for the good.” By the time a second or third generation reads the history of revival, they have little understanding of what actually occurred because those reporting it have edited the purpose of God out of the scenario.

Brother Seymour, leader at the “Azusa Street Revival,” would stick his head inside an orange crate. It would fill with observable light, a cloud of glory would rise up on the floor, God would be doing so much in the overshadowing that no one could keep up with what He was doing. At some point, God would ask him to remove his head, and he would stand to release miracle-working power over a section of crippled people. This is but one example of responding to overshadowing as a leader. From outside the building, an observable overshadowing could be seen that on several occasions motivated people to call the fire department.

God will target places, people, regions, and nations for overshadowing, and if we do not understand overshadowing we will not be ready to recognize and respond to what He is doing.

We will label and interpret what he is doing in our own contexts and definitions, and we will attempt to fit overshadowing into existing structures, even demanding that God do things according to our way of carrying on His kingdom. While we release what God is doing in the overshadowing by giving Him permission, through surrender and submission, to wreck our worlds, we do not control overshadowing. Overshadowing takes control of us.

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