Ten Things I am Doing as We Enter a New Era

1. I am looking for nothing else but the original design and definition of Jesus for Ecclesia.

This generation will restore the design and definition of ekklesia. Here’s what we will do:

  1. We will battle against the trends of modern church-anity and church-growth-ism gone awry.
  2. We will recognize the difference between the accumulation of believers and the preparation and maturing of leaders.
  3. We will establish blacksmith shops of leadership preparation in which the fires are billowed hotter, the forges press deeper, the hammer strikes red-hot steel more powerfully, and the shop produces both warriors and the weapons they need to wield.
  4. We will place more money into the hands of preparation leaders that produce kingdom warriors than event planners for Sunday morning entertainment offerings.

2. I am altering my value estimation of relationships to honor those sent by the Father into my life, allowing God to define my relationships.

  1. We must prioritize leadership relationships that maintain high levels of preparation involving both fathers and children who maintain endurance, embracing the process of pathos that produces the highest and most mature leadership preparation.
  2. We must ease our attention and expectation upon relational schemes that desire to own kingdom leaders as assets of marketing downlines for the accumulation of leaders, never approaching the level of kingdom influence needed to disciple nations.
  3. We must invest our best and highest in this generation. We must expand our training schools to function at an international level, to stubbornly focus upon the development of kingdom leaders who can function at an international level of spiritual power and authority. We must see every saint as a vital operating piece of the building, body, and bride, with the strategic design of the Creator, the strategic gifting of Holy Spirit, and strategic calling as the blueprint for preparing and positioning.

3. I am listening for the sound of purpose in the land that responds to the sound of Glory in His voice.

  1. We must hear the sound of purpose the resonates with the sound of Glory as Overshadowing Glory manifests and rests upon regions of the Earth: any manifestation of Glory reveals some aspect of God’s character to which the land responds because Glory manifests for a purpose.
  2. We must recognize by experience the sound of Glory within us, wherever we have been or will be sent, as the sound of purpose that answers to the character aspect of God that the land is created to release.
  3. We must operate in the fathering spirit that bonds fathers and children so we can bond with the land, lifting the limiting curse the land, discipling the culture to release that redemptive sound. the purpose of the place is related by the Remnant people God sends.

4. I am asking God for His groan, getting off all spiritual birth control, volunteering to become pregnant with purpose, give birth, and get pregnant again with acceleration.

  1. We must mature intercessors more than accumulate intercessors, mature worshippers more than accumulate worshippers.
  2. We must join with God’s interest and investment in a Remnant of thousands to influence millions without measuring success in numbers.
  3. We must see everything we do partnering with and representing Jesus in light of His intercession, standing between Heaven and Earth to produce purpose.

5. I am shifting my life to accurately anticipate the 2020s’ as the greatest decade in history by zeroing all my accounts with the previous: I owe no man anything, and I am investing all my emotional energy and mental acuity in what is coming next.

  1. We must shout: “Clear the slate! Do not attempt to carry into the next what defined you in the past.”
  2. We must overcome the past so that we are no longer defined by our wounds, experiencing the level of overcoming freedom through which we are no longer defined even by our scars.
  3. We must see the blueprint process of the preparation for what is coming next, so that we forsake all previous designs and definitions contrary to God’s properly interrupted history.

6. I redefining my alignments and alliances carefully because of the need for a higher agreement and shared purpose.

  1. We must look for blueprint leaders with whom to blend the blueprints given each person and ministry, the blueprints that define, describe, and design assignments, so that each assignment blends with someone whose blueprints reveal a greater scope of kingdom architecture, until personal blueprints blend with national and international blueprints through ministry and regional blueprinting alignment.
  2. We must align international leaders (I have aligned with Dutch Sheets, for example, for the United States of America because he has a set of blueprints for the entire nation), who have a set of blueprints with influence and impact upon the entire nation.
  3. We must have that kind of alignment, and we will if we begin with assignment to forge alignment, never looking for other criteria or motivation for alignment than the blending of assignment.
  4. We must have the clearest revelation of assignment that comes when we submit to fathering leaders with a broader and better understanding our strategic process of preparation.

7. I am pursuing holiness and righteousness with greater passion for purpose. I realize that being uncommon is an essential aspect of proving the ultimate what-God-wants. I understand that maturing in leadership requires that I equally mature in worship.

  1. We must present our bodies as living sacrifices. Holy. Acceptable to God. This is our priestly lifestyle that positions us for kingly authorization in worship and intercession.
  2. We must restore the concept of right behavior to our definition of righteousness, the fruit that maintains our connect to the True Vine, receiving from Him what enables us to produce purpose.
  3. We need to establish through construction the spiritual eco-system of kingdom, the assembled (like assembled pieces) matrix of Ecclesia, and oikos of God that establishes and maintains kingdom culture.

8. I am seeing the entire culture of the kingdom as the source of influence and impact upon existing cultures. I am seeing the Great Commission as Jesus declared it rather than a church growth conference version of the accumulation of believers.

  1. We see our kingdom leadership assignments as mandates to prepare and position kingdom leaders.
  2. We must see very kingdom citizen as a leader simply because the kingdom itself is Christ’s leadership strategy to take over the world.
  3. We must prepare and position every saint as part of the kingdom leadership – to be part of the kingdom is to lead at some level because the kingdom leads with spiritual influence – and make the point of each saint’s connectivity the point that supplies – receive and release.

9. I am experiencing miracles, signs, and wonders in increasing ways and means. I am no longer surprised that I live every day needing a miracle. I am no longer surprised that I encounter God everyday, so “involved as God” in history that signs of His involvement pop out at times like blossoming buds of eternal Passion. I am no longer surprised that His wonders restore my childish youth and I giggle with delight at what He does to entertain Himself while allowing us to share His glee.

  1. We must shift into a renewed spiritual mind and mindset that can only process reality from God’s point of view.
  2. We must expect that God will do things in the entire culture that will cause men and women to experience a heightened awareness of God, the Awakening through which a billion souls will come into the kingdom of God.
  3. We must plan for success that is greater than what we can ask or think, a reinvestment strategy that anticipates the plowman and planter in the field for immediate seeding at the same time the harvester reaps that field.

10. I am an American. I am looking forward to the condition through which God restores the covenant purpose of this land to the Remnant people who represent His purposes.

  1. We must expect this nation to become a fathering nation again!
  2. We must see the people sent to this land by God grasp hold of the mandate of God for the land – the land belongs to God – so those He plants produce His purpose in the land as partners with and representatives of Jesus, the Inheritor.
  3. We must tune our ears, expecting a new sound to awaken the land to greater productivity, abundance, blessing, and prosperity, with a plan for success strategy of the purpose of that increase.
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