The Graduates

In this vision, I am on my way to a graduation. The graduation is unlike anything I’ve seen before. No mortar hats and gowns from Druid and Masonic influences upon the measurement of educational achievement were visible. (I offer this without condemnation of present practices, but include it to be true to the vision.) The graduates represented aspects of kingdom culture instead of human culture. They were all graduating from the same “institution” with “majors” in kingdom leadership.


All graduates were warriors. Instead of receiving a piece of rolled up parchment, they each received a sword. No sword was the same. No military spec design was applied. Each graduate had developed both the design and expertise of this sword doing their matriculation in preparation process. While this sword was uniquely personal and they had been designing it while preparing for its use, none of them had held the sword they were receiving until graduation.
As each graduate received the sword, they stepped back and “tried it out” with apparent joy. “This is a weapon as big as my passion!” They were graduates in the preparation of passion with a skill set for a weapon they had never possessed.
Each had a warrior cry. They released it as they tried out the sword. The cry in their mouths came from the land where they would wield the weapon. The sword was designed for the warrior. The sound was the sound of the land. The passion was the passion of God for the purpose in the land that the warrior would release.


The word “warlock” comes from the Old English word for “covenant.” The suffix adds the meaning of traitor, enemy of the covenant, and denial of the covenant’s authority. Thus, the application of the word to satanic influence against God’s purposes.
In the vision, the warriors were “warlocked” with warlocks. They were wrestling with the dominators of the land usurping its Divine purpose. None of the warriors prepared in this institution were grappling with satanic temple worshippers or deep cultic rock band ritualists. None of them was engaged in the destruction of overt expressions of obvious satanic visualizations. They were engaged at the dentist office, school room, corner grocery, drug den, church door, family dining table, coffee shop, court room, insurance company, driving school, pharmacy, movie theater, orchestra pit, publishing house, and sound stage.
The activity in which they were engaged was directly linked to cosmic dominators, but the point of engagement was as everyday as the morning.What they did in that engagement fed into what they were all doing in wrestling with cosmic dominators producing “this present darkness.”
They were locked in war because the sword they wielded had “an edge” for penetrating the darkness at the point of their assignments.


The vision exposed a connection between what the graduates wear and where the graduates go. It was a sense of identifying culture and the deeper meaning of “habit.” The spiritual adorning of these Bridal warriors identified the redemption purpose of places where they were assigned. The preparation of the institute was specific to that purpose. The graduate was a person prepared to produce a purpose, and locking in warfare with “this present darkness” at that point of contact. Each graduate was aware that being a success in his place included the displacement of darkness. A mother, artist, attorney, doctor, barrister, executive, violinist, and organizational participant of any kind must engage in the battle for spiritual dominion.
“Dressed for battle” takes on a fuller meaning when the graduate walks the aisle.


In this vision, the witches carried switches. The switches had a particular meaning: “substituting or switching out the real for perceptions of improvement.” The switch was evident in every present structure of church-anity. The substitution of humanistic sources, systems, and measurements of success were the switches of witches. Obvious to God, oblivious to man, the switches had no power to alter the conditions even when graduates from these preparation points received “high grades.”
The Institution for “the graduates” was not visible in church-anity. We must produce a new, necessary approach, built upon a renewed foundation. To produce “the graduates” who could wield the weapon, we must create a new institute of preparation.


To complete the C.S. Lewis context and play on words, I saw the Lion.
In the vision, He is large and in charge. He is the hope for the realm. He is the One willing to give it all leading a people unwilling to give very much. In a world that says, “Let the Lion do it,” He walks majestically forward to call me out for an assignment.
“I need a new institution of preparation for a new season of warriors leading a new Era of warfare. The war is locked, but I wish to break open this deadlock with keys that unlock. I require that you take the education mountain in the mountain of the Lord.”


To answer this call, what would you do? If you have expertise and experience, you have learned enough to know you don’t know very much. If you have preparation, you are ready to fill your place without usurping the place of someone else. If you know the Bible, you know the Lion doesn’t take back assignments.
I have no choice but to obey, but I have no choice but to engage with other leaders who share the vision. If it all about me, it fails. “Lynch Leadership” without kingdom leadership is another kingdom mini-movement. If it fails to turn the hearts of father and children toward one another, it cannot prepare the Lord a people.
So, Kingdom Leadership Institute is born. In a New Era, a new warrior. For a new warrior, a new weapon. For a new assignment, a new adorning. For a new Reformation, a new sound.
You in?
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