The Blueprint Room and Battle Plan Room: Implementing Divine Vision

The Blueprint Room Vision

I stood in a construction company’s corporate offices. The room I entered was filled with cabinets with wide drawers standing five feet high. I knew I was there to review blueprints. I was in the company’s blueprint room. The room was dedicated to blueprint storage.

The large-drawer cabinets dominated the room, clearly marked, storage for a collection, a vast museum, of both proposed and previously-constructed building projects.

A faceless person dress in camouflage military attire was my guide.

The faceless person I was with in the dream went to a drawer and lifted out a set of blueprints, throwing them out like a sheet on a bed upon a large table. He rolled back the first pages so we could review one section of the prints. These sections of the overall project were pertinent to my responsibilities.

Then, the faceless person went to another drawer and lifted out battleplans, and filled another part of the tabletop with my fresh orders for war.

The faceless person reviewed his expectations for the overall project with my personal assignments in mind. Still, he was not checking the other pages with me. I was aware of how my part fit the entire project, but the details of the pieces I was responsible for were the only blueprint pages we reviewed.

Application and Implementation

Considering this dream today, I was struck in the belly with spiritual urgency.

The battleplans are only available to leaders in alignment with God’s generals. They are fresh orders, not previous war records of training exercises or completed skirmishes with hell.

Perhaps we have such a room, filled with revelations of God’s assignments, properly cataloged, and often mentioned. The context of this room is our collection of “we received prophetic words.”

Perhaps we are ignorant of battleplans and fresh orders for conflict now. Maybe we are not aligned with God’s generals or aligned improperly with leaders who have no access to the secret files that locate us in this present conflict.

We do possess some impressive scrapbooks holding our prophetic word trading-cards collections. We even have rookie cards from today’s celebrated heavy hitters and knuckle-ball pictures.

Goody for us.

God’s Pre-drawn Projects

The room is filled with God’s projects. Many have been started but not finished. These blueprints reveal purposes that await God’s implementation. He has not opened those drawers to anyone on Earth to this date, but they are as real in God’s will as any others.

This room is filled with incomplete projects from previous generations that anticipated matured inheritors. They remain in partial completion or ruins that require complete rebuilding. The blueprints need no updating. They need implementation.

The room also holds the blueprints already thrown out like bedsheets on the table before God’s appointed people, with large sections untouched by application and implementation.

Then, there are cabinets full of neglected blueprints ignored by those at work in Jesus’ Name. God could spread these projects on the tabletop of accountability and show God’s intended purposes in startling contrast to what men have designed and built.

God would say, “I have no idea what you are building. It has no point of reference to My blueprints at all.”

God looks for representatives on Earth to build what He designs in Heaven.

We are often waiting on God to do what God is waiting for us to do. We might consider this the most significant rebellion of kingdom history. We can discern that it represents a massive subversion of what Father wants!

Voicing Vision without Implementation

Beware any justified tendency to shout loud about a prophetic revelation yet do nothing about it. The timing of God is by no means insignificant. The revelation of things to come signals preparation for future application.

The purpose of revelation and the Providential pathway to position convinces us at a deep level, so we will be bold in the day of building and battle. When the crisis arrives, your pre-determined commitment to obedience should kick in without delay!

Anticipating that God will enforce His judgments to dismiss our responsibility is a form of dysfunction. The reason for the revelation has more to do with how His representative people will implement His decisions. Our apparent failure to consider kingdom keys as the highest priority of the Ekklesia may be the most remarkable disconnect between churchism and kingdom.

Beware the immaturity of leaders who hear and see but fail to prepare and position. Beware the more dangerous inadequacy of leadership who lack the strength of will to risk it all to implement the consequences of God’s revelations.

Stop following leaders who refuse to change, prioritize God’s intended purposes, and step back when they should step up in crisis.

The operative word for kingdom leadership says, “Complete the construction of the Ekklesia. Prepare and position the saints for operational integrity. Establish a mature completer of the covenant relationship with the King.”

The operative word for kingdom leadership says, “Apostles and prophets lay foundations that align with the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Christ. The master-builders have blueprints for the entire building from site preparation to finish work.”

The building metaphor implies that the revelation is the approval for the plans and the Architect’s authorization. Blueprints leaders have a much greater assignment than merely voicing a revelation or calling people to a vision.

They must do something to implement the revelation!

To apply the physical body meaning of the word for “perfect” implies both preparation and positioning. A prepared body part must be put into place for the operation it was prepared to do, in concert with other body parts. This is the metaphor of Ephesians 4.

How many kingdom blueprints remain in storage racks labeled under “accumulations of Divine assignments that await apostolic and prophetic maturity?”

The point is that until we have apostolic and prophetic foundations, a completed construction, a Remnant people prepared and positioned. In the day of battle and building, the beauty of artist conceptions for kingdom construction no longer hang in a gallery show of conceptualizations. We no longer pass by to “ooh and aah” over dreams and visions. We work the blueprints! We call every believer in a region or nation to their destinies to implement regional and national battle and building.

Accurately-Anticipating Applied to Alignment and Assignment

We are still making prophetic announcements of revival and Awakening as if these are new and novel insights. We hold celebrations with general admittance invitations to anyone and everyone to parade and party. We have conferences and deliver zoom and media presentations as if we are responsible as announcers, not implementers.

More often than not, the people making money announcing these revelations have no authority, preparation, or expertise and experience to apply them. They certainly cannot implement them. They are celebrated as great communicators of what’s hidden in the Architect’s blueprint room’s drawers.

This is an urgent call for mature eldering apostles ad prophets to identify the authentic leaders who can implement Divine blueprints. It is also a demand for apostolic order. The competing and compiling communicators should be submitted to kingdom representatives who can tell people who to be, and what to do, who they are, and what they do actually battles and builds.

We spent two decades identifying living stones, hoping to pile them in neat stacks for accumulation. We are just now completing blueprint-worthy foundations for a revival and Awakening already in progress.

Many keep hoping God will do it for us. He will not. Many keep waiting for some easier way forward when the Providential pathway to re-pioneering will cost us as much or more than those that first open the way.

In the heat of battle, we are entering an implementation of Divine blueprints, and a radical, representative Remnant is rising! The new era has been misrepresented as a time to watch God do things while we marvel like a circus audience.

Welcome to the war of all wars! Welcome to the uprooting of ancient systems! Welcome to the tearing down of strongholds!

After spending inordinate amounts of emotional energy identifying vision that paints artist conceptions of the anticipated skyscrapers, we can now specify the construction subcontractors. After investing decades in site preparation, we discover we have some more work to do before building the finished product.

Champions are arising in this global war for all the marbles!

We often revel in our vision and neglect our assignments. We are confident that building an ark in obedience to an image of catastrophic rain will occur overnight, the work of an angel army. We are like Noah preaching a flood while staring at the timbers he must assemble to save his family!

We assume declaring something obligates God to build something that He has revealed. God reveals, so we can do the work!

We may also assume that praying and worshiping will make things magically appear that only the grander kingdom leadership functions can bring to pass.

“We have nothing to do after intercession but watch and wait” is a childish misrepresentation of the remainder of the Bible.

That is, prayer and worship do not form material things or transform people without the complete functional leadership of the kingdom operating in full kingdom culture implementation. Praying without preaching or worshiping without discipling won’t produce a mature body.

Praying won’t lay bricks or install windows. Without prayer, it won’t be right. We know that. But, the idea that we wait on God to do what God waits upon us to do fills the blueprint room storage drawers with uncompleted assignments.

David Finished Divine Fiats

King Saul quickly discovered that God isn’t interested in a leader who worships but fails to obey. “To obey is better than sacrifice.”

King Saul lost what prayer and worship provide because he thought 99% obedience would be enough. King Saul was replaced with David. God found in David someone with His heart, and God defines “has My heart” as “he will finish what I assign him to do.”

The Davidic moment means we stop staring at a blasphemous giant. We run into the valley and take the giant’s weapon, cut off his head, and activate the army of God’s people to rout the arrogant Philistines.


To the extent we have authentic kingdom leaders, we win this present battle and implement Divine designs. To ignore the frauds within the kingdom while confronting the fraud outside the kingdom is double-minded as King Saul.

We cannot implement without uprooting and tearing down.

We allow misleading, immature, and self-serving voices to use the crisis to build their brands and copy-cat the authentic. We must confront this fraud within if we intend to overcome the fraud without.

Implement the same internal confrontation that you implement in the existing culture. Wrestle down the frauds usurping authentic order within the kingdom, as you wrestle the dark cosmic dominators usurping kingdom intentions in the heavenlies.

Then, fight the good fight with the radical, representative Remnant with the blueprints of God in mind. Battle plans without apostolic blueprints lead to post-war confusion. Implementing while in the battle is as crucial as the overcoming itself.

A council of elders has both battle plans and blueprints on the tabletops at the same time.

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