The Cross, Not the Curse

Many people are cursing their own destinies with superstitious conclusions about the power of curse. They curse themselves into waste or frustration by blaming something the Power of the Cross destroys for their failures. They demand God fulfill their dreams when God is the One resisting their prideful delusions–claiming that resistance comes from curses.

Can someone limit your life and destiny with a curse? No. Can someone frustrate your life and destiny with a curse? Yes. Can someone destroy your life and ministry with a curse? No. Can someone constrict your life and ministry with curse? Yes.

What is a curse?

A curse is a recompense or a lack of blessing. One is broken by repentance and the power of the Cross. The other is overcome by faithfulness and the power of the Cross.

A witchcraft curse uses spiritual power to limit, restrict, and diminish. However, merely speaking false or true words isn’t a curse or blessing within and of itself.

This type of curse is not a generational recompense. It is the work of hell picking up the intentions of harm from the mouth of someone with authorization to speak and set something in motion.

Prophesying what God says isn’t cures or blessing unless God is the One determining expansion or limitation. If a fathering leader prophesies warning as a fathering leader, and you fail to heed the warning, your path will be restricted by the Heavenly Father’s withheld blessing.

If you have a Pharaoh leader cursing your future because of witchcraft idolatry worship to his own headship, you have a different animal empowered by demons to oppress your every move. This is where you overcome by the power of the Cross.

Do not blame Father’s representatives for your own decision to ignore warnings. Your rebellion will lead to join rebels who will tell you the solution is the problem. Do not normalize the words of a false father with fatalistic shrugs. Overcome!

Blessing expands. Curses limits. Withholding blessing is a curse because it produces limitations by intention to restrict expansion.

A curse is spiritual, manifesting in the natural, empowering spiritual authorities. A curse takes on a life of its own.

A generational recompense is not your fault, but you must repent of breaking its power. A contemporary curse or blessing withheld is empowered when you share it will sympathizers who justify unforgiveness or vengeance. A contemporary curse requires overcoming grace and surrender to the power of the Cross.

Prodigal Limitations

If you live in delusion like a prodigal wasting your inheritance, hell will send you false friends–and, they will call themselves friends–who give you permission to rebel instead of confronting your need to obey Heavenly Father. When they do, they will also give you permission to curse your fathering leader–the one you left. In prodigal limitations, you curse yourself.

The issue is your delusions, not the fathering leader.

Let’s say you leave a fathering leader to pursue a delusion that wastes your inheritance. Jesus says you will have friends, and a stranger will be your father, someone from whom you gain no inheritance, who gives you permission to maintain your prodigal status.

No amount of repentance or prayer or determination will deter you from destruction. The power of the Cross isn’t available for negotiation with Father in Heaven about who you are and who your father is. You can’t ask God to kill or remove or ignore your assigned father while you engaged in a father search.

Father may reassign fathering leaders at different levels during your life. However, Father isn’t continuously engaging in bait and switch fathering relationships while attempting to find a leader who will give you something that answers your delusions.

So, the curse on the prodigal is from the prodigal. Father made this judgment decision before the foundation of the world. It strikes at the heart of God’s design for kingdom culture. “If you do this, you walk into limitation instead of expansion.”

Bless the Prodigal

I would never bless a prodigal in his rebellion. I would never withhold blessing from a prodigal on his way out the door.

I would never and have never cursed anyone with a curse; that is witchcraft. I have always spoken the truth about the situation to the prodigal and others who needed to hear and understand “how things really work in the spirit” just as the Bible does.

It is wrong to talk about a prodigal without speaking truth about what a prodigal is and does. It is wrong to paint the wrong picture with shallow words and codes instead of speaking what the Bible speaks. It confuses.

Of course, we do this because of contemporary errors about love, honor, and blessing that ignore the Bible and how things really work in the spirit. We expand the powerbase of prodigals and pepper the Kingdom with foolish lawlessness. We grieve the King when we say someone disobeying God has the right to do so.

How does a kingdom citizen gain the right to disobey God!

Then, we allow this erroneous how things really work in the spirit superstitious “the curses are stopping me” to persist.

Stop Believing Blamegame Superstition

No words or curses can stop your life, destiny, or ministry assignment, no matter who they are from, if you are obeying God and His order of leadership with humility. Your grace flow to repent or overcome will far greater than anything hell can use against you, no matter from whom the words or lack of blessing come.

I have read several accounts of people saying that the curse or lack of blessing stopped their ministries. Impossible! Unbiblical! Illogical!

No witchcraft, generation curse, lack of blessing, curse, or attack from man or hell can stop you! You repent, renounce, and break. You overcome the obstacles and obey in spite of the work of man or hell.

That process may require several years, but it will never be years of nothing. No curse can put you in a cave for long.

David Overcame Curse

David grew in his destiny, character, financial wealth, and military might while in exile from a false father. He came into his life’s work with his own money and army. He walked in overcoming authority wherever he went while he waited for God’s timing for fullness of purpose. He lived in fullness of purpose every day he waited.

No curse every limited David from finishing assignments in front of him even while the kingship was decades away.

Hear me: if you find that your inheritance is in waste, you are more likely living in delusional pride, not under some imagined curse. You may, in fact, be living under your own words of curse by confessing you cannot obey God because of your delusional blame game and imagined slights.

When we go into the courts of Heaven for mercy and justice, it is in the power of the Cross to repent or to overcome. It is not to give greater power to superstitious ideas that our failures can be blamed upon people we have decided are enemies.

Rid Your Life of Limitations

We rid our lives of a curse by overcoming or repentance. We rid our lives of withheld blessing by overcoming. We rid our lives of generational recompense and the recompense of our own sins by repentance.

Here’s what happens when a prodigal rebels against an assigned father: that prodigal finds someone who attaches to the previous generational curse. The prodigal returns to the very limitation redemption’s power broke off his life! He joins his lack of blessing with a demanding recompense and reinstalls the sins of the fathers in his life.

He loses his portion and experiences generational deprivation. Until he comes to himself about his father’s blessing and says, “I need to live where there is a blessing no matter what role I have in that blessing,” the prodigal attempts to negotiate with God and his father about his assignment in the Kingdom.

Authentic fathers can never negotiate away the pattern, destiny, plan, and purposes of God to accommodate rebels.

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