Vision of the Prodigal Rings: Prepare for the Returning Inheritors

I was in Atlanta for a conference. As I stepped into the worship center during worship, I stepped into a vision.

The chairs in the worship center were all empty. Each chair was an empty place left empty by a prodigal.

The chairs where people were seated changed into jeweler’s cases, the kind made to hold a single ring. The covers were open exposing the rings each of the cases contained. The rings were identical though variously sized, embossed with an estate family crest.

I was looking now at a worship center filled with rows of ring cases with a crest-embossed ring in each jeweler’s box.

Standing across the front were seven fathering leaders. They stood waiting, looking at the back entrance to the room.

The doors opened and a long line of prodigals running into the room, rushing forward to the seven fathers. The fathers lifted them to standing when they attempted to bow. And directed them to a ring box with the crested family ring. The jeweler’s box turned into a seat when the fathering leader put the ring on the prodigal’s hand. The prodigal sat down in his place.

When the room was filled, the fathers and inheritors wept loudly for joy. No empty seats remained in the room.

After this scene, I saw the fathers had receipts in their pockets. The receipts were orders for the rings. They had each ordered a certain number of rings because they were aware of how many empty places were in the room, how many prodigals were returning home.

God says, “No empty places! Prepare for the prodigal inheritors! Make ready the rings of authority.”

In this moment, I received this understanding of a prodigal and an Esau:

Prodigals are not novices recently born of the spirit, but leaders trained for estate expansion who rushed away to established something of their own making. They joined themselves to strangers because they went looking for fathers when they already had fathers. Prodigals are not fatherless. Prodigals are not unsaved people coming to Jesus. Prodigals leave empty places that only through the return of prodigals can be filled.

An Esau leaves no empty place. They have no place. They usurp a place.

They wander about seeking to lead something that is not theirs and cannot become their inheritances. They become false apostles because they demand to operate at the same level as the chosen inheritor, Israel, and have a lineage within the Messianic line. Of course, this is what Esau rejected by marrying women who could not give him sons in the Messianic lineage. It is imperative that fathering leaders discern the prodigal from the Esau.

Esau must be usurped since they are usurpers. Prodigals must be restored so the empty places are all filled.

A reordering of the kingdom disorder is in motion, and many prodigals will awaken to apostolic order and personal destiny. Fathers must be prepared to re-authorize these trained leaders who have wasted inheritance.

The rings represent restored inheritances. No matter the amount of waste, the authorization of the fathering leaders will restore the inheritance of wasteful prodigals. They leave empty places that only they can fill, and they must come back to the estate to produce personal purpose.

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