The Delinquent, Destruction Politics of Envy

Jacob walked in favor. His favor was upon his assignment more than it was upon him; that is, he could use favor to produce the wrong outcomes and lose out on favor’s highest rewards. But, Jacob reset his priorities to mine from favor its most incredible gems.

“But Jacob soon learned that Laban’s sons were grumbling about him. “Jacob has robbed our father of everything!” they said. “He has gained all his wealth at our father’s expense.” And Jacob began to notice a change in Laban’s attitude toward him (Genesis 31:1).

The use of the word “politics” in this context bounces off the reality of politics in a broader sense. Still, it explains the spiritual conditions of politics in the context of personal success. This use concerns itself with the soft underbelly of the political spirit in two of its manifestations:

  • Winning at the expense of others instead of contributing to a condition that makes all people better and improves the whole;
  • Assuming that self-aggrandizement is necessary to personal success, seeing others as enemies through envy.

Politics, like money, is not inherently evil. The love of it joins in the love of money as a corrupt root system. Politics is based upon works of the flesh that open doors to works of darkness.

With Jacob and Laban, we discuss Oikos, lineage, family lines in terms of nations. We see politics at work singling out Jacob as the cause of Laban’s diminished wealth when the Bible points to Laban’s poor decision-making and Jacob’s Divine favor.

Laban’s sons were filled with envy. Their envy was based upon a misconception about how favor works. They assumed that Jacob’s prosperity caused laban’s diminishing. They believed favor upon one person comes at the expense of another person.

This assumption is not correct. It is the assumption of those without a revelation of favor.

Envy is a fear-based reaction to reality based upon a systematic error in “how things really work in the spirit.”

Principle: God’s favor upon His Remnant always works to benefit the entire area of the Remnant’s influence.

Jacob is being sent back to his place of favor after connection with the fullness of his inheritance. He obtained inheritance from the wicked to bring it to fullness in his generation.

“Then the LORD said to Jacob, “Return to the land of your father and grandfather. Return to your relatives there, and I will be with you” (Genesis 31:2).

Jacob was sent away to bring something back. Something necessary to the new was waiting to be brought into the place of fullness and fulfillment.

How many times have I heard God say to leaders here in America or other lands, “The keys you need to open your region will be given to you when you visit another nation?”

Inheritances unfulfilled become available to Remnant leaders walking in favor. The keys to unlock them in their assignments are a means to an end. The keys open up inheritance in that people and place so that the land from which they received the keys can receive them again in a new generation.

In other words, favor brings unfulfilled inheritances to another land where God builds a fathering nation, so all the nations of the Earth can be blessed through a Remnant. Favor upon that Remnant is designed and designated for export back to the land from which these keys originated.

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