Warship and Trust

Psalm 106:12 – “Then they believed His words were true and broke out in songs of praise.” [The Message] The word “then” has some sense of “finally they get it” and “finally they are ready to trust what God says is true.” The New Living Translation says: “Then at last his people believed his promises. Then they finally sang his praise.”

The setting of this Psalm is a historic celebration of God’s deliverance of Israel from Egyptian bondage, and the battle victory He gave them at the Red Sea. It seems that they continued to have doubts about their deliverance right up to the moment God drowned Pharoah’s army. Then, they finally “got it” and burst into celebratory song and dance.

This is a revelation moment. God’s people receiving a boldness by revelation. God’s people stepping into assurance because “they get it.” God’s people worshipping about things done in the spirit before these things are seen in the natural. “I will praise You forever, for You have done it!” God’s people praise for what is going to happen because it is done in the spirit. Warship releases what is done in the spirit; it is the keys of the kingdom authority expressed in bold faith by the dance, the song, the prophetic action of celebration, when the thing being celebrated hasn’t even happened yet. “I give you kingdom keys…whatever you expand on earth is what has already been expanded in heaven; what you limit on earth is what has already been limited in heaven.”

This is the season when God is turning slaves into warriors so they will be ready to take the land of Canaan and possess it as inheritors of Abraham’s promise. This is a season of overtaken dancers releasing a takeover spiritual authority. This is a season of worship leaders taken over by God to release breaker anointing. This is a season of getting things done in the spirit through and in worship, then seeing those spiritual accomplishments released and established.

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