When Prophets Lead

As we walk through this pandemic, many prophets and apostles who prophesy are looking back at their prophecies to find something that signaled this global disruption.

They will find some things, for sure, and then they will seek an interpretation of them that proves they heard something.

They are actually proving the point of the Prophetic Process Series: Prophets fail to follow the prophetic process.

It is not the assignment of a kingdom filled with prophetically gifted people to lead the prophetic process. It is the task of the leaders of the kingdom to lead prophetically as well as apostolically.

What does that look like?

For example, one trusted source of revelatory messaging looked back and found that his prophecies of Glory included some “I see a cloud that represents dark times in the season of bright Light.” Hence, he says he did prophesy this crisis.

Well, the reality is that he and those participating with him in this prophecy did not follow the prophetic process. Most people heard the prophecy, shouted and danced, and went home to await the season of manifested Glory.

I came home and taught those I lead how to act when Glory comes, told them about the battles manifested or overshadowing Glory bring, and said, “Cheer up, it is going to get worse when it gets better.”

In other words, I taught what I’ve been teaching about overshadowing Glory for twenty-five years with “prepare the Lord a people who are ready to respond when the new season arrives” in mind. I applied and then implemented this prophetic revelation.

From experience, being in and carry overshadowing Glory, that principles, processes, and protocols are considerably more important–becoming essential at times–when that level of manifestation of God’s character arrives.

I interpreted, applied, and implemented the prophetic revelation. I took people into overshadowing Glory to experience it. I taught people who to follow leaders, submit to God, and obey principles, processes, and protocols when Glory demonstrates aspects of God’s character so they would be ready to respond appropriately in and to Glory.

When we now look back and find hints or outbursts of warning in and among our prophetic words of future Glory, harvest, growth, and success for the 2020s, what we find most is our lack of prophetic process.

Consider that some of the events–massive events–planned in response to prophetic words actually left the impression that the events would obligate God to do what prophetic anticipations communicated. Investments in preparation and positioning cannot come from such events. Suddenly millions of dollars that should have been used for preparation and implementation disappeared in a day or two of celebratory communication, shouted into the void of application and implementation of prophetic anticipation.

The inescapable smell of promotion, recruitment, marketing, and elitism consumed the prophetic process.

We are now looking back at our prophetic insights and seeing interpretation we should have seen at the time. We collected a scrapbook of beauties, published books to mark the occasion, and delighted the souls of many with the painted pictures of amazing things to come.

We drove off the lot with a new car suddenly worth tens of thousands less than what it was wroth on the showroom floor.

We are now sitting in our offices waiting for new words, dreams, visions, and prophecies when we should be analyzing the prophetic words we were given to learn how to interpret, apply, and implement revelation received.

We are like Moses on the mountain, coming back down and communicating with the people what he saw in the Glory but never building the tabernacle or installing the priests, or offering any sacrifices.

To have the pattern revealed without constructing what the blueprints describe is prophetic foolishness, immaturity. Using prophetic revelation for showmanship, marketing, and recruiting, but never applying and implementing is the folly of infants.

Many people do not even ask or expect interpretation. Or, they interpret in a vacuum, ignoring the kingdom leadership dynamics. Or, they assume that all revelations are the same. They treat what God says to them, that isn’t even prophecy but Holy Spirit teaching and leading them, the same as a revelation meant for a ministry, region, or nation. They interpret for themselves and jump to conclusions without process.

The rhythm of an apostolic kingdom center operating by revelatory priorities is so different from modern church-anity because the King is actually involved in His kingdom through the five kingdom leadership dynamics.

Most people think listening to God leads to having weekly events or services in which Holy Spirit freely leads individuals or the group at that moment.

And that is it! That is the sum total of “God rules” for them!

They live their lives with one rhythm and switch to another one once a week for a couple of hours when they do the church thing.

In reality, with a kingdom culture, the whole of the kingdom citizenry lives by the rhythms of the Father’s times and seasons by the prophetic process, setting personal, family, ministry, and kingdom priorities at the regional, territorial, and national levels by involved intercession and Providence from our Apostle and High Priest.

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