Word of the Lord for 2016

2016 Brings 2015 Carryovers to Fulfillment

First, 2016 is a carry over of what God was doing in 2015 and the two years cannot partitioned from one another. Last year, I saw license plates giving permission for ministries to return to their originating missions. All the plates had dates ending with “6” and God said what I’m doing in 2016 tells you what 2015 is all about. The resets of originating mission statements were the foundations for the uptick in fulfilling God’s purposes for these ministries in 2016.

God reset the assignments of many people’s lives and many ministries so that they could return to the pathway of Providence that would provide for greater fulfillment of destiny and purpose in 2016.

Volcanoes and Mantle Plumes

Second, I see a volcano in the spirit.

It is not possible to discuss “volcanoes” without a discussion of “mantles.” Seventeen plates float on the surface of the earth. Eruptions that breakthrough through the plates are called “mantle plumes.” Seventeen is the number of “victory” with a sense of completion. If the whole were to be set afire with volcanic eruptions, we could finish the victory.

The “mantle plumes” will mark kingdom mantles with eruptions as the greater fire that burn beneath the surface erupt.

In 2016, expect spiritual “mantles plumes” that release the fire beneath these mantles and expose the deeper burning that has been waiting for a season of release. Pressures began building in 2015 with some rumblings that help us identify hot spots, but the hot spots that experience “mantle plumes” will be those that become active sources of fire in 2016.

When a mantled leader releases from the hidden deep, you will see a manifestation of spiritual force available to and through them bursting into view with sudden, surprising, and immediate power! While mantled leader can be identified as “mantled” by the appearance of their mantling, there lies beneath a deeper reservoir of kingdom authority and power that comes to the surface in times when God desires to be represented more apparently than before. That is, God is about to set off some volcanic eruptions of kingdom grace through mantled leaders, and mantle plumes will blow fire from deeper spiritual substrata into the atmosphere.

Outbreaks of kingdom fire will alter the horizons of many nations where these mantled leaders become alive again or for the first time in ways that create “hotspots” of volcanic activity affecting whole regions and blowing spiritual fire into the upper atmosphere over nations.

The metaphor of a volcano speaks of hidden burning cooled by the prevailing atmospheres in previous seasons that will become pressurized by God’s passion for those nations, and “mantle plumes” will break through the crusted places.

In this sense, some “mountains” that do not appear volcanic will erupt as well as some dormant volcanoes. However, I feel that the volcanoes I see are not marked on the map, so to speak, but are mantles prepared for plumes in this next season.

This is an international vision.

Prophesying Donkeys Shut Down Balaam Prophets

Third, I see donkeys prophesying to false prophets. God is halting some Balaams, and there are many of them, who function within the walls of churchanity who have assignments to curse or limit the present revival. Their donkeys would represent the vehicles upon which their pseudo ministries move about, just as bicycles or cars represent personal ministry, and these donkeys themselves are going to prophesy by shutting down right underneath them.

Some murmuring voices are going to be stilled. Some critical pundits are going to stop talking. Some enticing whisperers are going to move back in with their parents. And, some vocal witchcraft  is going to go hoarse.

Clearly, internal oddities will discredit and dismantle these false prophets.

Clashing Swords on New Battlefields

Fourth, I hear clashing swords, blade upon blade, testing the tonsil strength of opposing forces in direct, face-to-face combat. The important issue is the strength of the weapon as it strikes the contrary word, the Sword of the Spirit being the rhema of God striking the false rhema of the opposing forces.

The kingdom can no longer abide its conflicting messages because the voices have become so contrary that people must take sides, and the passion for purpose in God’s Remnant will move forward with such force that it must run into the internal opposition on its way to a battlefield filled with the enemies of God’s purposes.

We have tolerated detractors out of convention, courtesy, and comfort, but the passion of the Remnant, burning from the lava of “mantle plumes” in the several hot spots of revival, will create a forward motion of such sudden and intense movement, the detractors will be caught flatfooted and will raise the rhema of dissent against God’s valiant reserve.


The clashes over the authority of the Scriptures, the definition of Ecclesia, and the fundamental reality of the kingdom of God will create strong skirmishes that will appear as strong as civil war in christiandom, but the clashes are necessary to separate the men from the boys, the warriors from the wasters, and the faithful from the compromisers in the day of critical conflict.

This is no time to waver! Every definition of love and honor that presupposes no such clash can or should occur will be immediately challenged, and the saints will take sides over strategy, posture, and message in 2016.

Civil War in the Kingdom

Fifth, the resulting upheaval will cause a great resettling of modern churchanity along two distinct lines. One response will be like those that followed John the Baptist. The other will be like that those that solidified their places among the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herodians in rejection of the season change and “day of the Lord” visitation that comes upon nations in 2016.

As some fought revival in the past, now the distinctions between those sold out to status quo and a totally different Message and those who passion for God’s purposes move them to radical readiness and response against further infiltrations of compromise will become more clear.

Those that stand for Truth will be called “haters, bigots, critics, and controlling leaders.” Those that rest themselves in the status quo will embrace more humanism, globalism, collectivism, and find ways to welcome the agendas of the Leviathan’s systematic delusion. No place will this become more apparent than in media, government, economics, and arts.

The contrast will be so severe that many will be distracted from the true enemy. The Remnant cannot afford to invest its energies in combat within the kingdom when the season calls us to move past the initial clash of swords with dissenting brothers and rush forward into the new battlefields God is opening against His enemies.

That is, we should expect to run into our true enemies in media, government, economics, and arts and maintain our focus upon those battlefields instead of wasting time attempting to turn the hearts of traitors and those that collaborate with Christ’s enemies in these arenas.

Blockbuster Event

Finally, I heard the word “blockbuster” referring to a real life event more than a cinematic one in which a real life event will be a blockbuster attraction for several weeks and will eclipse all other presentations of drama. This blockbuster will gobble up all the attention and all other efforts, though previously worthy of celebration, will simply not be able to gather a crowd.

I’m speaking of a kingdom event that will reset the conversation and the agenda of the kingdom for people.


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