Assignment Reset, Part 2

Resets always begin with “where are we?” We don’t leave things behind that God works into us between resets. When Paul and Barnabas are “separated for the work,” they are not separated from. They are separated to. Although several major resets in my life haven’t been by any means of measurement “pleasant, peaceful, or proper,” I have worked very hard to always make the reset a ‘separate to’ instead of a ‘separation from.’ (Not always successful in that venture.) Either way, I refuse to leave behind what God invested into me between major resets.

In terms of kingdom leadership, we provide leadership for kingdom resets coming to assignments we lead. At whatever level of leadership we function, we will help initiate God’s resets, measured the authority of our assignments. God will not inform everyone of what He is doing in the reset. He will allow His strategic leaders to communicate for Him. We need a bit of improvement in our communication and implementation of kingdom resets. A prophetic process works best because leading prophetically involves “accurately anticipating what is coming next and preparing the Lord a people ready to respond when the new season arrives.”

As we lead God’s kingdom resets for our assignments, we want to move people into the next season of their assignments effectively. We want to separate them to something, not separate them from it. The rhythms of kingdom seasons should bring harmony to these changes even when they are major, messy resets that uproot and tear down in order to plant and rebuild.

So, step one is beginning “where we are” with open eyes, ears, mind, and heart to what God is doing here and now. We must take people from “where there are to where they need to be.” Many people have been “where they are” for a very long time because we haven’t operated in kingdom dynamics and rejected His resets. In other words, we are blind to where we are so we see kingdom resets as problem more than an opportunity for expansion. We have our own expansion strategies, and we assume because they appear to reach our goals for mission they are consistent with God’s. In short, if we have missed minor and major resests, we are off assignment altogether, so we cannot see and hear “where we are” from God’s point of view.

Maintaining produces comfort zones. Pretty to reset comfort over and over again and still expand the kingdom. Managers, by definition, define effectiveness with comfort in mind. While God is strategically interested in efficiency and excellence, He is interested in them from an expansion point of view, in terms of what efficiency and excellence mean for “what is coming next” not what is. Managers tend to ignore or reject efficiency and excellence when it is measured in the context of where we are going because they are totally invested in what is. Managers are more about not losing than they are about winning. Bad form for kingdom leaders.

Kingdom leaders are never about “not losing.”

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