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Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 1: Creation Groans

That is both future and present because both suffering and glory are here and now while reaching and progressing toward ultimate passion and eternal glory. Comparing pathos with glory isn’t an even measurement system because you can’t measure one or the other with the same ruler or scale. The proportions of suffering and the proportions of glory belong to separate conditions, natural and spiritual.

Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 2: “We Groan With Childbirth Labor”

This frames the revelation of how things work in the spirit concerning the process of childbirth labor that will someday produce the ultimate but continues here and now to produce the restoration of purpose through the same process of shared spiritual experience.

Passion for God’s Purpose: The Sacrifice of Destiny

When the revelation of destiny arrives, God will ask for destiny to die, a seed planted in His purpose that can never take root, grow up, branch out, produce fruit, and become mature fruit until it has died. The vision comes. The vision dies. The vision is resurrected for fulfillment. To fight the death of your vision is to withhold the only sacrifice that can prepare you and the vision for fulfillment.

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