Word for Memphis Region

“Surely, I have set up a roadblock, a mercy barrier, in this region. Too many were walking into destruction and death, so I set up a roadblock to curb their rush to disaster. The roadblock completely closed the way forward, a dead end. The Remnant has been forming in this cul-de-sac.

As Israel was detoured from a direct route to Canaan because they were unprepared to fight the enemy and possess the land, I have rerouted this generation into a mercy barrier. Before them is the Red Sea. They have been pursuing a way out more than a way in. They have fled Egypt and Pharaoh but Egypt and Pharaoh are still in their minds and hearts. They are pursued but entrapped. They are free but as enslaved as ever by a spiritual Pharaoh.

The roadblock reveals the mixed multitude who came out because they wanted the gold My people possessed, their wages for centuries of oppression. The roadblock revealed the mixed motivations of My people about their freedom and destiny. The roadblock revealed the mixed up mind of Pharaoh who will never allow My people freedom and wealth at the expense of Egypt.

The roadblock requires My people to wait. They must wait for a fresh wind. A new wind that will do what no wind has ever done before. It blows in the dark, a sustained wind that will make a way where there is no way.

The roadblock lures the spirit of Pharaoh and his power into a trap, exposing his true intentions. He would rather My people were dead if they aren’t his slaves. My people need to see this exposure of the heart to understand the depravity of their former source and resource. My people need to see the death of Pharaoh so they will stop looking over their shoulders all the way home.

The barrier is a barrier of mercy, and the Remnant has matured while waiting for the dead end showdown.

Look for the wind! A sustained wind. Do not march on any wind that blows but the sustained wind that opens the way forward and entraps the former masters in way of escape. Without this roadblock, My people would have been chased around the wilderness and missed the season of testing that will mature them into possessors of their land of promise. They would have been distracted by terror and continually looking over their shoulders for the pursuing Pharaoh.

There is always a shorter route to Canaan, but the map of man cannot see the pathway of preparation, the purifying of a generation purged of false purposes to fulfill My purposes.

Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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