God Has Targeted Brasil

Anointing Hits the Target

God has targeted Brasil for the Anointing. The Anointing always hits the target! On time. On center. The targets of God rest upon assignments God gives. The Anointing rests upon people and places where God is strategically focusing His attention to fulfill kingdom purpose. God targeted Brasil because He has given her an assignment, because He has put a kingdom purpose in this nation.

When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, Holy Spirit descended “like a dove and rested upon Him.” Holy Spirit is not a dove, but His arrival upon Jesus, is described in simile. His arrival upon Jesus looked like a dove landing – the alteration of the wings that occurs as a dove prepares to land upon an object, change the angle of his body in order to rest his feet. The wing action alters to allow the dove to land feet-first. The change of flight is unusual and pronounced and produces a characteristic whistling sound.

The simile describes Holy Spirit’s altered flight pattern, descending and resting upon Jesus. He recognized the target. Jesus was targeted for Anointing. Father speaks and Holy Spirit rests upon Jesus so all who observed the introduction of John would mark Jesus as God’s Lamb.

Anointing Has Purpose

Anointing is not random, a force field into which someone might wander and become an ‘anointed person.’ The Anointing is strategic and released toward and upon purpose. A targeted person, place, or situation. There is timing and positioning in God’s strategy, but there is never anything random about God. He anoints someone to fulfill a purpose, an assignment, to be someone and do something they are called to be and do.

Jesus was targeted for Anointing: “The One God sends to speak His words, upon Him He gives the Spirit without limits.” [John 3:34] Jesus had an unlimited capacity for the Anointing because He had an eternal, universal purpose. His Anointing was equal to His purpose.

The ecclesia, the church called together in His authority, is also targeted for the Anointing. Jesus says to the first disciples gathered by His calling them together for a purpose, “Do not leave Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.” While thousands were gathered in the city, Holy Spirit hit the target in the upper room, and each of those waiting for Him received a distributed flame! It wasn’t random. It was purposeful.

Joel says God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, any age, economic status, or gender. Of course, that outpouring doesn’t hit every person because it was targeted to those who called upon the Name of the Lord. Every saint is targeted for the baptism of Holy Spirit fire, but each believer has to get into agreement and alignment with the purpose in order to receive the Anointing. The Anointing targets the Church, so you have to get into the Church to get in the target.

However, the Anointing arrives to uniquely operate according to call, gifts, and assignment. All are targeted for Anointing but all function in Anointing according to what God has chosen to do in and through them. Gifts are “as He wills.” He calls you. Assignments are Divinely identified, as God said of Paul, “He is a chosen vessel unto Me.” The Anointing hits the target of purpose, revealed in personal and corporate assignment.

This is true of a generation, a culture, a nation, a ministry, a person. God has assigned purposes to the nations, and the Anointing hits the target of purpose when people position themselves to receive it.

Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized in water. John says, “You should baptize me!” Jesus answers, “Do this so we can do the completely right thing.” Jesus positioned Himself to receive the targeted Anointing by obedience and submission to John’s strategic, forerunner leadership. The Anointing arrived in a strategic place in a strategic way upon a strategic Person submitted to a strategic leader.

Brasil is Targeted by Purpose

Jesus has a plan for Brasil, a nation of many other cultures uniquely blended to produce a unique sound of worship, a passionate intercession for the nations, a spiritual authority to release captives, a mission of revival to every nation on earth, an anointing for prosperity, and a leadership assignment to rebuild the foundations of apostolic and prophetic leadership, functioning in a fathering spirit.

When Brasilians come into alignment, limitations to the function of the Anointing are breached and breakthrough comes. It is like plugging into a strong electrical line; the effectiveness and efficiency of what is already being done increases dramatically.

If Brasilians emphasize what God is ignoring, Anointing remains limited. God doesn’t invest Anointing in human plans and strategies; Brasilians will build empty air castles with human marketing and machinery if they fail to make God’s priorities their priorities.

Leaders often have a deeper insight into God’s priorities because of their position to see a broader picture and their authorization to align those they lead with kingdom purpose. In other words, Brasilian leaders must begin to lead more by revelation than calculation, to rapidly change the priorities of yesterday for the priorities of today. Brasil has entered a new season as a leader among the nations, and the church in Brasil is taking a new role in the kingdom of God as a voice for revival and restoration.

Brasil is targeted especially for:

worship – a sound preserved from many other cultures has been blended into a unique spiritual force, an anointing for the kingdom bard, poet, and psalmist to communicate something beyond the tune, harmony, words, and orchestration, a sound of prophetic nature akin to the wind at Pentecost, the burning bush of Moses, the still small voice to Elijah, and the thunder of God some heard as words but others as noise. Brasilian dance has an available anointing to shake the ground and change the atmosphere – feet and hands that prophesy, greater than entertainment or graceful reclamation of the arts, a cultural transformation introducing a new genre of movement.

intercession – an assignment for nations begins with a spiritual pregnancy of purpose, to carry through the formation of initialization that which must be able to breathe on its own, and to win the battle for awakening at home and abroad in the heavenlies so it can be manifested in the earth – apostolic prayer that establishes and demolishes, prophetic prayer that accurately anticipates and decrees, intercession through watchmen positioned with perspective to see and respond in the spirit before the natural arrives.

nations – Brasil has a voice heard around the world as the eyes of the world turn toward Brasil, observing her take her place as a leader among nations, as a culture restoring lost values and behaviors, an economy of natural and human resources – Brasil has received an inheritance of spiritual resources, of revival, fire, Glory, and authority, and the Lord of the nations has assigned Brasil to shake nations for Him because they are His inheritance!

prosperity – Brasil has entered a season to develop and secure wealth for kingdom purposes, to be a lender, an underwriter, a kingdom investor – an anointing to discover, appropriate natural resources, but for added value engineering, profitable hospitality, and the development of an empowered middle class so the billions of reals needed to fund this nation’s restored purpose and kingdom assignment will be available as the wise men enriched Messiah – wealth with kingdom purpose.

apostolic-prophetic foundations – a fathering spirit for discipling and leadership development, an anointing for kingdom in more than one spiritual generation is available in Brasil, a “deep calling to deep” aquifer that springs through solid rock, pure and life-giving, gentle as a rain but powerful as a thunderstorm – men and women of unusual spiritual power and authority.

Change to Fit God’s Target

Anointing targets assignment and purpose. Anointing matures as assignment matures. Anointing increases by aligning ministry, gifts, calling, and covenant with assignment. Not everything is anoint-able and targeted for anointing just because it is done by the church, in the church, for the church. God’s people must change and adjust their priorities and activities to match God’s revelation of assignment for Brasil.

Brasil cannot worship the same, pray the same, accumulate believers at home without shaking nations abroad, cannot miss the purpose in the prosperity, and can no longer function without a full release of the fathering spirit, leading by revelation more than calculation.

The eyes of Jesus are upon Brasil: He says, Brasil is Mine! Brasil is Mine! He claims this land and people for kingdom purpose, and He reveals a strategy of fresh orders for His army. God has targeted Brasil!

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