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The SpiritFirst life begins with being born by the Spirit. Natural man gives birth to natural. Spirit man gives birth to spirit. In each case, the Creator is the Creator of natural and spirit life. The spiritual womb is dormant and unknown until the conception by Holy Spirit of spirit provides spirit life in a man or woman; the spirit birth begins a spirit life in a natural life.

Note that we aren’t saying there is nothing spiritual in a human being before spiritual birth. The soul of man is the man; man is spirit first in that man is never a body and a brain, that a body and a brain can never be the sum total of any person or personality.

You are more than a body and a brain. You live in a body and use a brain, but you are an inhabitant of that temple and a user of that neural network. The body gives you access and interaction with the physical world. The spirit gives you access to the world of God, the Spirit. Simply put, the born from above spirit begins spiritual interaction with God Who is Spirit.

This doesn’t mean that the soul, which is also spiritual, has had no interaction with spiritual reality. No. It has encountered both God and His enemies who function spiritually in the natural world. The devil isn’t working in your life through your spirit but through your soul. Your soul is spiritual but it is not the same as your spirit since it was alive before your spirit was born from above.

Living the Life

You were alive before you were alive; now, you are alive to live a different life, produce a different behavior, function from a different source. The spirit must grow and mature, not just be born and exist. It must function. It must take the lead, provide the influence upon the soul that makes you a “spiritual man.”

So, living the life of a believer means being born into the kingdom. Being born into the kingdom means coming into the rule of God. The enrollment into kingdom involves adoption into the family as an equal heir with Jesus. In the kingdom of God, we live by the culture of the kingdom, and the culture is a spiritual culture. We live this life by SpiritFirst principles, protocols, and purposes.

No believer can ever live the life without becoming more and more SpiritFirst. Period. Impossible. Not happening. Contrary to how things work in the kingdom.


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