Mount Rush More: Mounting Acceleration and a Showdown

December 1, 2019, Dutch Sheets: “It is the season to shift into acceleration and blessing. Grab hold of this and decree it into your life, into this nation, and into your next season. Get ready!” Dutch Sheets has also preached about accelerating into a suddenly. (You can find these messages on the internet.)

Our prophetic meaning, July 4, 2020: Mount equals momentum. Rush equals acceleration. More equals added to present momentum and acceleration.

We entered acceleration several months ago. The spiritual battle now reaches momentum or forward motion with both higher speed and greater force.

The Mount Rushmore moment was “a line drawn” by a declaration of war with lawlessness, and a confrontation concerning who prophesies with more authority. (We are currently on assignment to Mount Rushmore and the President made a declaration from there July 3, 2020. We are speaking into the new beginning that this declaration births. It is a season of momentum, acceleration, and showdown.)

Prophesying the Past

Redemption always allows God to prophesy into the past and provide a Providential interpretation. “God at work” is a mystery unseen by those without spiritual life and sight. Redemption means God begins the restoration of what was lost with a revelation of what God was doing at the times of our most significant pain, trauma, and life-affecting experiences.

So, also with a culture in restoration, redemption, and reformation.

The adversary sows into that nation’s history to distract from its prophetic patterns of Providence.

God is prophesying into America’s past even as hell is prophesying a different message by cursing ts monuments.

Showdown Comes from Momentum

We now face the showdown we have asked God to bring. When we prayed and decreed momentum, and God answered “yes.” He wants it! He feeds it! He empowers it!

Momentum brings a showdown, a crisis point of confrontation between what this momentum decreases and increases.

We see this clearly at Ephesus in Acts 19 culminating, at that marker of momentum, in verse 20:

“In this way,” by what God was doing while momentum was building, clearly discussed by Luke’s descriptions, “the Word of the Lord,” which is God’s will for a place and people in a generation, “through overcoming supernatural power or force,” the work of angels and God as well as demons and satan as these affect human, kingdom authorizations, “gained momentum and took dominion.”

We are in this hinge point of history in the United States, and Mount Rushmore on the Fourth of July, 2020, marks the first day after the decree of the President, positioned by prayer to speak to a showdown. The next season of increased revival and riot will mark the nation’s outcomes in the Roaring Twenties.

The showdown is necessary. The outcomes are good!

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