Mount Rushmore: Momentum and Acceleration

Report on our recent kingdom assignment that included Mount Rushmore. It is common that God’s wind will blow in our faces when He joins us in the use of kingdom keys.

As we walked upon the mountain facing Mount Rushmore, God’s wind blew into our faces with a special force. On a still, late morning, it was startling even though I had said, “His wind will blow into our faces. He will join us in this strategic place and time.”

The wind blew. We shared communion together—an entire loaf of bread and a quart of grape juice in our hands. We were standing in more than forty years of the covenant as a married couple, in shared assignment for the nation in relational covenant with our leaders, and kingdom covenant with the One Who inaugurated the new covenant agreement for the Earth.

This land belongs to Jesus Christ. We represent His claims.

The Vision of Four Faces

I saw the mountain of God with the four faces of the Cherubim: Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle. The Rushing Momentum or God’s Mount Rush-more signified His posture of Glory and response to intercession by the Remnant.

“I manifest My Glory in all four aspects of My character: King, Priest, Incarnation, and Wisdom. I rule. I intercede. I AM Christ. I have a strategy that guarantees success.

I saw that the four faces on Mount Rushmore represented strategic times in America’s history. These were times when His priorities were especially gaining momentum. At the same time, that writing history was enamored with events that were beside the point though massively dramatic in turning the nation on sweeping curves of change.

Joining With Other Voices

We read Psalm 59 aloud with apostolic authority. David in his showdown with Saul made God His Source of protection. We joined the synergy of present intercessory focus and history.

His Words

“The President drew a line in the sand. The media and opposition interpretation of his words reveal the nature of the enemy. His words force the issue that clarifies the battleplan for success.

“There is no turning back now. The mounting momentum and accelerating “rush more” has begun. My angelic army repositions to the sound of the Remnant’s blended worship and intercession.

“Donald J Trump drew a line in the sand in his position in the natural. My Remnant must draw a line in the sand in the spirit.

“I want the land to be released to its kingdom sound. I want the blood that cries out for a claim to other gods silenced by the claims of My blood for All. I want America!

“America is Mine! America is Mine!”

The Bread Broken and Wine Poured-Out

We broke the loaf in two, tearing it apart with violence. We saw a divided nation, a broken covenant, and a false claim of false covenant gurgling and drowning as we poured the entire quart of grape juice onto the bread.

The blood of Christ soaked the bread, ran down the mountain, soaked into the land, and pooled on the rock a few feet down the mountain. This shouted, “Enough! More than enough!”

The claims of all and any gods and all illegal covenants made over the land to reprioritize it to any other purpose were overwhelmed, choked out, and drowned by the claims of the Lamb!

America’s Remnant

Nothing moves America but the Remnant.

The strangeness of recent events perplexes the prophets who are still catching up to what they did not see or hear, missing the meaning of events when they hammer them into presuppositions instead of prophetic processes.

God is doing something so much greater than America that repositions America. The same sweeping turn of events that these four faces represent–all four leaders at once–America’s present turning blows the human mind. Global forces like none available before work within and without. Internal conditions reach the point of no return.

What comes next, only God and the Remnant can complete.

The Four Horseman of History

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt represent spiritual moments of momentum that are at work again.

Revolutionary leadership in a war waged against overwhelming odds with an army untrained in conventional warfare–Washington leadership repeats.

Revolutionary Providence authorizes a breach of the existing definitions of the relationship between America and all other nations, a declaration of kingdom intention based upon an appeal to Heaven–Jefferson articulates the presuppositions of liberty.

Civil division reaches ultimate in a showdown with the antichrist and the Christ, tearing at the fabric of culture where blending has not occurred, a condition in which Divine purpose cannot produce Divine purpose without resolution–Lincoln takes a stand to test whether such a nation or any nation can endure this test.

America’s place among the nation as a fathering nation during a time of Azusa Street restoration of original kingdom culture is occurring with most rejecting the initial manifestation of God–Roosevelt speaks softly. The stick he carries says, “This is the time when opposition meets determined strength.”

The Kingdom Response

Preparation time is over. The Remnant moves with the leaders and warriors already in place. Secure the ninety-nine, stop all other priorities of mundane life, reset the elder brother, for what is lost: the wandering sheep, the dowery coin, and the wasteful inheritors.

Get it all back! Reset the Kingdom to the original design and definition. Bring the restoration into Reformation. Sell all to purchase the one Expensive Pearl. Do or die is here.

Instead of recruiting, fight the battle with the Remnant. Send home the hesitant. Waste no time or resource with the wavering. Shout down the divisive. Set aside the analysts.

Battleplan leaders, advance with the warriors already provided. Do not wait for reinforcements.

What happens next will be God and the Remnant.

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