Uncovered and Vulnerable?

I awakened embedded in a vision or dream. Among other things, I heard this verse:

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and the ones God sends her! How often I have wanted to gather together your children–those living in full dependence upon their fathers–like a hen gathers her chicks beneath her wings, but you were unwilling” (Matthew 23:37).

The city has children (tekna, dependents) that are dependent upon their leaders. The leaders would not allow the dependent children to submit to Jesus. The leaders kept those dependent upon them from being gathered. Having many good-hearted children did not save the city and nation.

“Now, your Oikos is abandoned” (Matthew 23:38).

Those who were sending prophets and messengers, and Myself, who wanted to gather your dependents under My covering, no longer send or offer to protect. God abandons your Oikos. They lost their lineages! They forfeited their inheritances. They were cut off as God’s representative Remnant.

The judgment had a prescribed punishment that they could not escape because Messiah, the One they rejected, is the only Refuge.

The previous verse says, “How shall you escape the destruction decision?”

Of course, this and Matthew 24 all refer to the generation then living that would be wiped out by 70 AD, and Israel would become a wasteland.

An Uncovered Remnant

August 6, 2020, in a dream or vision of the night, I saw three different “voices” speaking of the canopy of angelic protection provided apostles and Remnant armies. That is the way the dream presented the revelation.

I heard from each of the three voices, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you were unwilling to live under protection.”

Then, I heard the voices say, “Even now some of My people cannot participate in the Remnant because they are unwilling to live under the protection.”

I know that many people do not understand the order of kingdom leadership as the safest place of function. They do not wish to read the presuppositions of God in His revelations of “how things really work in the spirit.” They think they are in Christ in the sense that they have no other Earthly order of leadership, contrary to all the Bible says, and Holy Spirit reveals.

They do not see themselves as rogue intercessors or networks of disorder and confusion. They think they can live anywhere, and the canopy will find them when they must discover the canopy and submit to God’s order.

Kingdom Sifting and Separation

While God deals with us individually concerning our redemptive experiences, He deals with us corporately concerning our inheritance, protection, and representation. That is, corporate leaders can leave people vulnerable or protected depending upon their malpractice or faithfulness. Individuals remain in Christ but in jeopardy for the corporate kingdom aspects and assignments that alter history and nations.

Isaiah prophesies this condition, both of the destruction of those unwilling and the Glory canopy over those that are willing.

“Then the LORD will create over the whole site of Mount Zion and over her sacred assemblies (ekklesiae) a cloud by day, and smoke and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the Glory there will be a canopy” (Isaiah 4:5).

The word “canopy” includes a sense of privacy, protection, and enclosure. It is an overshadowing for the Ekklesia, when the people of God stand before the Lord to represent Him, bringing what He wants into the Earth.

Also, the word means “a token of grief” put upon the head, a sign of a sentence of death and destruction. Covering is a way of coming into submission, willingly for order, and helplessly for disaster. In either case, it is something happening beyond the control of man, and their choices in leadership determine the effect on humans.

Canopy is a covering, but this canopy is composed of Glory. Notice the two elements of the covering: fire and Glory. These are the two types of responsive angels, seraphim and cherubim. They are the chariot of the Lord that carries the Glory of any nation. They are assigned to that nation in a territorial sense as The Song of Moses describes angels assigned to countries.

(Notice that Elisha says, “The chariot of Israel” when he sees the seraphim and cherubim. This revealing of spiritual reality shows the assignment of responsive angel armies to God’s purposes for a specific Remnant.)

Glory manifests where God is represented, and the canopy abides where the Apostles and Remnant Ecclessia stand in order before the Lord. Glory does not manifest where He is misrepresented, but Glory will manifest where a strong representation and a misrepresentation reveal contrasting positions.

Lakeland Revival was a Glory manifestation because of Roy Fields and the hunger of the people. It was a manifestation of Todd Bentley’s wickedness because it revealed contrasting positions regarding the protection of Glory as a canopy. Glory pulled the cover off of Todd Bentley. Glory protected Roy Fields from the residue of that exposed evil even though they shared the platform.

Glory intensely magnifies spiritual reality, covers what represents God, and uncovers all else by removing the covers. This happened in the extreme when Jesus arrived as the Messiah of Israel. This occurred in the extreme with Glory that was upon Simon Peter encounter Ananias and Saphira.

Glory Exposes More as It Increases

When Jesus says, “I would gather your dependents under My wings, He means that He is their only position of covering.” He also means what Simon Peter preaches at Pentecost: “Save yourself from this cutoff generation by coming to Messiah Jesus.”

So, Isaiah’s promises apply to the Remnant that came out of Israel, of all nations, cultures, languages, and peoples who abide under the canopy of kingdom order.

What is out of order will be vulnerable.

Today’s Remnant

To say, “I love Jesus,” but ignore the kingdom order is to live without covering canopy. To recognize the kingdom order, find both fire and Glory. People can be living in Jerusalem without the canopy. People can be in Christ, as the Jews were in Abraham, without living under protection.

To say, “I have a leader,” but ignore the kingdom order is to live without covering canopy. You must look at the leadership and ask, “Can I follow that leadership and walk under the canopy? Is there both fire and Glory, or is there hype and flesh?”

Kingdom order begins at home with marriage, family, finances, and continues with relational dynamics among kingdom citizens.

God Dreams to Make America Great Again

Jesus is clear that what He says, as recorded by Holy Spirit in Matthew 23 and 24 applies to Israel in that generation. It is specific to the Remant nation under oversight accountability and judgment sentence of destruction. It is not an anticipation of today, but the presuppositions of “how things really work in the spirit” are eternal, applied to a specific people and place.

What we know from what God is doing now is that God dreams of making America Great Again.

David Finishes with Philistine Opposition

We can understand what God is doing by the two-step process through which God gave David complete victory over the Philistines. David had enemies, but he had peace with them all because he defeated them.

In step one, he invaded the grotto of giant worship, beat the giants, and burned their idols. In phase two, he returned to the same valley, but God gave him an even clearer revelation of the angelic canopy and covering.

God tells David to come from a different way. When David takes this position, he will hear the march of angelic army feet in the tops of the trees, and he will guide his human army in response to the canopy of divine protection.

In this sense, we hear the words of Jesus for Jerusalem:

“The angelic army that covers Messiah is available to all who are willing to submit to Him. He is their only protection. Jesus says the leaders of Jerusalem did not bring their dependents under that covering. They lost their lineages and inheritances.”

In other words, people following the wrong leaders are vulnerable to the worst destruction coming in the season-ending harvest judgment. People under the canopy escape the destruction coming upon the rebellious Remnant in the season of purging, cleansing, sifting, and distinguishing wheat and tares.

You are going to hear dreams of judgment destruction and dreams of redemptive restoration. Both lead to New Era Reformation. You want to partner with God to release both His destruction and restoration.

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