Superstition and Spiritual Warfare

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Some of our brothers and sisters are so bound by generational superstitions that they carry them into spiritual warfare–even aginst COVID 19 warfare.

Of course, we have the “God doesn’t do miracles anymore” crowd, and the “God is the One killing people” crowd, who join the “God is in control” crowd who sit back and take whatever hell dishes out.

I’m talking about the “hold that Bible over your heart so them demons don’t jump on you like they did the swine when Legion came out of the demoniac” crowd. I’m talking about the “if a demon comes out of someone across the room, he’ll jump on you if you don’t say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” for ten minutes and throw some holy water on your nose.

Some brothers and sisters still believe in haunts and ghosts, and fail to understand “how things really work in the spirit.” Some believers think the demos make people do things instead of the fact that the demons use a weakness of will and surrender to sin as opportunities.

The Bible is the Source of “how things really work in the spirit,” so continuing to read your horoscope, watching witchcraft music like Beyonce or death metal, or most of the hip-hop trash or a lot of contemporary video presentations of sexual perversion and lawlessness, or video games that role play you into demonic identities, or reveling in movies that present horror or sexual role playing with an open soul–receiving information about how things really work in the spirit as a belief system that makes you think science fiction is real or demon hunters explains how to deal with demons–that means you don’t think like God.

The Devil Did Not Make You Do It

So, if you think sin is OK, you also think demons can be empowering friends or overwhelming enemies.

Magic is always witchcraft. Rebellion is always witchcraft. Idolatry is always demonic. Coveteousness is idolatry. Using spiritual power to get what you want is witchcraft. Prophecy that you use to obligate God is witchcraft. Sensuality in music is always witchcraft in character even when you sing “Jesus.” Porn is a spirit even when you dancing in the church house fully clothed with a sensuous soul–man or woman.

Believers puff up their pillows at night for their favorites demons, have sex with them, and quote Songs of Solomon. They are ignorant of how things really work in the spirit. Add prophecy and spiritual gifts capacities to the mix, and you got a huge mess that misrepresents Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

I do deliverance. I do not have a deliverance ministry. I have a FreedomMinistry that is part of a fathering discipling kingdom citizens maturity process. I avoid the idea that deliverance is a stand-alone parachurch practice though I include specialists in the process of personal transformation.

If your deliverance worker tells you to get a divorce or shoot your cat if you want freedom, run screaming into the night and find someone who has a Bible. If your deliverance worker needs to touch you “there,” I can tell you Holy Spirit did not ask them to touch you “there.” Run as fast as you can to authentic ministry.

Spiritual Warfare

I do not believe in backlash. I don’t allow it. Of course, 98% of what people call “backlash” ain’t. It is superstition. It is another form of pseudo heroism that says, “Look how I suffer for doing this ministry.”


You live with drama in deliverance, you are into witchcraft and deception of soul, using spiritual power to satisfy some demanding desire in yourself.

Stop it!

Deliverance ain’t about demons but destiny. Warfare ain’t about demons but purpose. Disciple people with a fathering spirit, and you run into their buggers. Pursue God’s purpose for people and places, and you run into cosmic dominators, authorities, and rulers who produce the prevailing spiritual conditions called “this present darkness.” Wrestle them out of place and shut down their usurpations.

Shut up about the drama queen and king comic book superstitions and the super-saint super-holy heroism. A child can do what you do with the same Holy Spirit if Jesus desires. It ain’t about the demons. It ain’t about you.

When its all done, you says, “You can thank me for obeying. The rest was the power of the Cross.”

The reality of the demonic needs no proof–so stop sending me all those videos I just have to watch and share so the whole world will know–keep your focus on destinies and purposes and deal with the buggers than get in the way of your assignment.

No need to buy a bullet-proof vest and zombie ammo for the coming hordes. No need to worry about the Nephilim and the Illuminati buzzards. No need to fear flesh and blood when Resurrection power rises in your submission and obedience to positively pursue the destinies of discipline and the purposes of places.

It is superstitious to believe in the inevitability of evil. That is demonic mythology. That is superstition. Your focus on Hitler’s mustache and the pope’s pajamas is misplaced emotional energy. Your most hated politician isn’t the antichrist.

The kingdom of darkness is real, powerful, and influential in the Earth. The kingdom of Light is more real, powerful, and can be more influential when kingdom citizens read, believe, and practice Scriptural revelations of how things really work in the spirit.

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